Yay beach days are a must here in sunny QLD! Thanks Bloccs for saving us from being stuck inside when everydays a beach day here on the Gold Coast 😍  

Heather – Australia

  Fractured elbow just 2 weeks before our First Holiday Abroad and with a villa with our very own pool which we had booked to hopefully get the girls swimming!!! The Bloccs sleeve saved us from having one upset little girl and having to watch her little sister have all the fun. Thank you    


Enjoying a splash! #savedmyholiday #1stholiday

Jenna – UK

  Useful!!! Saved our holidays! My 4 years son has broken his left foot!!
Viareggio, ITALY
 On Sea shore!!

Andrea – Italy

Bloccs made it possible for my 15 month old, who loves the water, to enjoy the beginning of summer!

Christine – USA

Marco Flying

Luigi – Italy

This genuinely saved our holiday.  Three days before our swelteringly hot Broome beach/pool holiday our daughter broke her finger and had a cast put on.  In desperation I bought this cover and hoped for the best.  If in doubt just get one – it will save your holiday, it was absolutely water tight and comfortable! Just do it and take the pain out of a cast! Just another day at the beach with my cast!

Pauline – Australia

Saved Lola’s holiday  

David Raine – UK

An amazing protector for my daughter’s full arm cast. At 5 she is not keen on showers and having never seen a cast cover suitable for bathing in I was fretful at having to shower her. However being recommended BLOCCS by a friend has allowed my daughter to have baths instead of showers. Made even more important after she was given bathbombs for her birthday 2 days after being put into her vast!! rating: 5

Sara – UK

Two broken arms playing football a week before our holiday!! #bloccs#savedourholiday

David – Australia

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