Handry Corredor 21.07.17 (4) Handry Corredor 21.07.17 (3)   Isabella broke her elbow in May. Now she is very happy to be back in the water thanks to the waterproof cast cover. Amazing product! We live in Panama and water is all around #savedourholiday #bloccs    

Handry Corredor – Panama

Leanna Thompson 13.07.17 When my daughter broke her forearm at the beginning of summer, I knew we would have to have a cast cover. We already had our vacation booked and I couldn’t bear the thought of her sitting out while everyone else went in the water. I did some research on other products and then I came across the Bloccs Cast protector. I knew it when I saw it online that it was the one we had to have. It has served it purpose with 100% effectiveness. It has kept the cast dry through bathing/showering, the pool, the sand and the ocean. It was worth every bit of money I spent. Highly recommend this cast protector to anyone that is looking for this type of product.

Leanna Thompson – USA

Sara Warner 21.07.17 (2) Sara Warner 21.07.17 (3)   Thank you, BLOCCS! My daughter was able to play in her Soccer in the Sand Tournament!!  #savedmysoccerinthesandtournament #bloccs

Sara Warner – USA

  Teresa Russo 06.07.17   Grazie a questo “guantino blu” il mio bimbo di tr anni si è potuto cmq godere il mare  È un’invenzione straordinaria
Thanks to this “Glove Blue” my baby boy was able btw enjoy the sea Is an extraordinary invention

Teresa Russo – Italy

Natalia Torres Sanchez - 17.07.17   My son’s name is Alejandro. He is nine years old and he broke his arm on the last day of school. He is the middle of three brothers. When the family decides to go on vacation, you can’t say no to vacations and say no to water. But if the family lives in the sea, on «the coast of the sun», is impossible to say no to water. He and his brothers were very sad for 50 days without being able to swin. I saw your protector Bloccs online in amazon and I explained him that maybe it will not work. When we put the protector on his arm and he began to swin, he shouted « mamiiiiii works!!!!!». All the family are very happy and we thank you for everything.    

Natalia Torres – Malaga, Spain

Stephanie Kenny 23.07.17 #savedourholiday #bloccs Superb product which allowed our 4 year old to go into the pool after breaking her leg 10 days before going to Gran Canaria. Took the stress out of a traumatic event. Thanks!!  

Stephanie Kenny – UK

LucyLou 17.07.17 My son has Cerebral Palsy and needed an operation on both his legs. His Bloccs were amazing and such a good buy! I was worried about them at first, but I need not have been!!They are an incredible product and totally saved us when spending a month in the hot Texas heat! 

Lucy Lou – UK

Nic Fasci - Claudia 16.07.17a Not being happy enough with just dislocating her elbow, she broke it at the same time at out local trampoline park 1 week before we were due to have our summer holiday this week! One large cast later, we thought there was no way on the planet she’d get anywhere near the water! That was until we discovered Bloccs!!! With a gym band as her sling and Bloccs cast protector, Claudia is still able to get in the pool and have some fun! Ok not to mermaid levels as she’d sink like a brick, more bobbing along on her rubber ring.  Thank You Bloccs  

Nic Fasci – UK

Liza Krause 11.07.17 Thank you for saving our summer BLOCCS!  

Liza Krause – USA

What a great product. You take having a shower for granted but when you are unable to get your plaster wet it all changes. Thanks Bloccs for creating a wonderful piece of kit.

Ann Eaton – UK

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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