This two year old would be a very stinky toddler without our Bloccs! I was worried bath time would be extra stressful with his broken leg but Bloccs has made it so easy for us. Highly recommend!

Brooke – US

Broken Hand Beach Vacation Saved

Nick – US

Thanks to Bloccs our son was able to join the fun and still have a great holiday #bloccs #savedourholiday

Mel – Australia

My 3 year old broke his arm during a heatwave. The Bloccs waterproof protector not only gave us the opportunity to bath him, but for him to play in water during this hot and sweaty time! It’s easy to put on and even easier to take off. It didn’t bother my son at all. Great value for money with fast delivery. Can highly recommend. #bloccs #savingmummyssanity

Clare – UK

We were devasted when our little Bodhi broke his leg at the of the summer, as he loves the beach. Our Consultant recommended Bloccs and yes, his ‘Special Cover’ for his ‘Special Sock’ (his plaster) has indeed #savedourholiday. Thank you #bloccs

Verity – UK

Love this boy. PICC Surgery done. First Shower. Dry Arm, Thank you Bloccs x #bloccs #thankahospital

Polly – UK

I wanted to thank you from my heart for saving my daughters holidays with the Bloccs glover, she was able to enjoy the sea safely. Thank you

Carmea – Italy

#bloccs #savedourholiday


My son is autistic, broke his arm and we knew he could not go swimming. Thanks for saving the day! He wears it all the time lol.

Jeremy – US

Thank you for your product that saves holidays #bloccs #savedourholidays


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