Linda Jereskes 28.05.18 One week before our holiday to Kos my daughter broke her elbow. Luckily we somebody told us about Bloccs. My daughter had a great holiday! Thank for that.

Linda Jereskes – Netherlands

Bob Raine 18.05.18 Saved Lola’s holiday  

David Raine – UK

Victoria McBride
Another holiday saved by you! My son broke his arm 2 weeks before our holiday. His Bloccs protector enabled him to enjoy his holiday to the max! Thank you so much…Bloccs are holiday life savers! He answers to the name “ Flipper “

Victoria Mcbryde – Grand Cayman

An amazing protector for my daughter’s full arm cast. At 5 she is not keen on showers and having never seen a cast cover suitable for bathing in I was fretful at having to shower her. However being recommended BLOCCS by a friend has allowed my daughter to have baths instead of showers. Made even more important after she was given bathbombs for her birthday 2 days after being put into her vast!! rating: 5

Sara Banyard – UK

I fractured my wrist on holiday in Australia I used Bloccs waterproof protector over my cast. I was able to swim in the sea for the duration of my holiday. Great product. star rating: 5

John Slater – Aland Islands

Amanda Alsop 13.04.18 (5)
Amanda Alsop 13.04.18 (1)We thought our holiday was ruined for our little man when he broke his arm 10 before departure but his bloccs cast protector saved the day. Best invention ever which allowed him to enjoy every aspect of our holiday. It was completely waterproof and it stopped sand and grit from getting under the cast. place: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Amanda Alsop – UK

The waterproof protector for my granddaughters hand dressing was exceptionally good. She was able to swim and play in the hotel pools without any water seeping in. We followed the advice to only wear it for an hour at a time because of condensation.It made her holiday!! star rating: 5

Jennifer Gapp UK

We received the water proof leg protector 2 days ago and I used it helping my husband who has broken his leg(tib fib) It was not too difficult to use and kept his cast waterproof, It was so much easier for my husband to get a shower. Thank you
star rating: 5

Liz Allchin – Canada

A complete lifesaver! With Bloccs cast cover my daughter was able to swim every day of the holiday! They were also very helpful helping figure out which size was best. Thank you so much for such an amazing product!! star rating: 5

Natalie – Israel

I bought a waterproof sleeve for my leg last summer and it was a great success ! I used it several times in the pool and the sea on the Costa del sol and my leg and the wounds that I was suffering from kept perfectly dry.. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is thinking of buying this form of leg waterproofing ! I give it 5 stars 

Malcolm Shaw – Spain

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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