My 7 year old daughter broke her arm 5 weeks before our holiday to Turkey. We were fortunate that she could still travel with her arm in a cast. The cast cover I bought from you enabled my daughter to have a fantastic holiday, still being able to play in the pool and in the sea. Star Rating: 5***** You kept my holiday afloat!

Deborah – UK

Two broken arms playing football a week before our holiday!! #bloccs#savedourholiday

David – Australia

Bloccs waterproof protectors are a superb, highly effective product. My son was able to bathe normally and fully enjoy the swimming pool and sea while we were on holiday, without any damage at all to his cast. star rating: 5

Stephanie – UK

You saved my summer cruise
star rating: 5

Silvio – Sicily, Italy

Jack is enjoying the Australian summer with his Bloccs waterproof protector.

Matt – Australia

    My water babies having fun #savedourholiday #bloccs

Lulu – UK

I used the Bloccs waterproof protector for my right leg to have a shower today (3 days post surgery). Doctor said not to shower for 8 days!! Damn, I don’t wanna smell like a panhandler!!!
So on it went and it fit snuggly, and after my shower, when I removed the protector, my lower right leg was absolutely dry!!
Great product (Bloccs) made by some blokes in England!!
star rating: 5

Dhanesh – San Diego, CA, USA.

I broke my wrist playing netball and have a cast up to my elbow. I have been washing myself with face wipes for the past few days since my accident. I went online and ordered Bloccs and today I have been able to shower. The protector was quite easy to get on even though I had to use my left hand (I am right-handed). After the shower I slid it off and had remained completely dry underneath. I feel so much better for being able to shower. Thank you Bloccs.

Jane Collins – UK

Absolutely brilliant. So pleased I can shower after breaking my ankle. I would not have been able to cope if i couldn’t shower for 6 weeks. My family wouldn’t have been happy either! 🙂

Jane Anson – UK

  Isabella broke her elbow in May. Now she is very happy to be back in the water thanks to the waterproof cast cover. Amazing product! We live in Panama and water is all around #savedourholiday #bloccs    

Handry – Panama

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