“One word ‘Wow” when my 3 1/2 year old daughter broke her arm and was plastered from her wrist to her shoulder I immediately thought “how am I going to bath her?!” I needn’t have worried as Bloccs waterproof cover is absolutely amazing completely took the stress out of trying to wash her.  Would 100% recommend this product – although I haven’t used it for swimming I would feel completely confident in doing so! If you’re in 2 minds on whether to purchase one you seriously would not be disappointed!!”

Tonia Walters

“Finally I can have a relaxing bath!! Thanks you so much bloccs, broke my foot New Year’s Day and will be in cast for around 3 months . Bought a cheaper leg protector but it just wasn’t up to the job . Finally found that I could order your short leg cast protector through boots and it arrived the next day . Finally I can have a lovely relaxing bath without worrying about my cast getting wet . Absolutely worth the money , could not be happier with it . Well done on creating such an amazing product .”


“Thank you Bloccs, it make my boy very happy to be able to make swimming… he carries a pickline for several years and thanks to blocks go in the pool  

Nancy Langlois Melvin Huard‎ – Canada

“Your product saved our holiday. Thanks to you, our daughter was able to do everything on our holiday to Orlando including going on all the water slides and swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove.” imogen-bamber-discovery-cove imogen-bamber

Richard Bamber

“Saved once again by the fantastic Bloccs . Last year louis spent the summer holiday with his broken wrist in cast , this year it will be his 11th Birthday & Christmas with his broken foot in cast” 15327377_1461267530554896_8542449497753388_n

Michelle Glenister

“Thank you all very much Liam broke his arm for the second time this year and you saved a lot of tears. He did everything his brother did. We used it in the sea in Denmark at Lego land in the spa and in Tenby. It was used a lot.” 14191625_10153920766915835_1143883698_o 14191866_10153920766935835_4298920_o


“We bought one of your leg protectors when my partner had knee surgery after a bike accident earlier this year and it worked beautifully to enable him to take a shower. Then just before Christmas I had knee replacement surgery, so your excellent leg protector came into service again. It was easy to use and completely effective. Thank you.”

Kate Corwyn

“Thank you Bloccs for making sure we could enjoy the hot tub despite a broken finger! What a fantastic product….providing peace of mind that the cast will be dry while you enjoy yourself!”   em-photo-28-10-16


“This is absolutely superb! Purchased it when I fractured my wrist, easy to put on and totally waterproof ! You can bath, shower, or swim to your hearts content, absolute life saver !”

Kathryn Matthews

“Discovering BLOCS for my broken wrist was an absolute life-saver. Life became more normal again and I was able to lead a more normal life. Thank you very much BLOCS.”

Isobel Ashford

“Fabulous! I was able to have my first shower in nearly a week – heaven! It was easy to put on and effective.”

Claire Bridges

“Absolutely fantastic product. Easy to use and works a treat. Completely waterproof and a godsend. No longer does a cast have to hinder you in a wet environment, be it the shower or any water activity. Good quality product worth every penny.”


“About 2 weeks ago I had tarsal tunnel syndrome surgery at my right foot with a ~12 cm scar which had to be protected strictly from water to avoid any infection by bacteria/viruses. The waterproof short leg cover worked very well and I always was sure that my wound didn’t get wet. I had to wear an air walker (no cast) which made it more difficult to put on the cover because it was larger than an ordinary cast. But the cover was elastic enough and didn’t rupture.”

Heidrun Heidebreck, Germany

“I was shown one of your leaflets, while attending outpatient’s department at The Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales, on a follow up appointment about my Full Knee Replacement. I came home and ordered the adult full leg protector, two day’s later I’m standing in my shower cubicle having a full shower, with my knee and the dressings fully protected from water damage. As a 63yr old male who likes to shower every day, your full leg protector gives you back your Personal Hygiene Independence. SO! for me, it’s just not a Cast Protector, but a Protector of All Dressings, that have to be kept FULLY DRY. Thank you Bloccs, thank you for giving me, my independence back, I’m truly grateful to your company.”

John Tew

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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