Bloccs genuinely saved our summer holiday. My daughter broke her arm a few weeks before we left and was left with a plaster cast up to her elbow. We had booked a trip to Croatia based around the sea and pool. We bought the shorter arm protector for children 4-7 that reached happily past the cast and half way up her upper arm. It fit perfectly in place and was used day in day out for a whole 2 weeks – in the sea, in the pool, in the shower, in the bath – she even para sailed with it on!
Our holidays carried on as normal and her broken arm was the talk of the hotel. People were amazed by the protector and her plaster cast remained dry and in tact.
I honestly cannot recommend it enough or thank Bloccs enough.
star rating: 5
caption: No broken arm could stop Martha!

Anna Spiers – Porec, Croatia.

  Fractured elbow just 2 weeks before our First Holiday Abroad and with a villa with our very own pool which we had booked to hopefully get the girls swimming!!! The Bloccs sleeve saved us from having one upset little girl and having to watch her little sister have all the fun. Thank you    


One happy kid who can compete in the swim meet! (plus canoeing, kayaking..)#savedourvacation #bloccs  

Natalie – US

Enjoying a splash! #savedmyholiday #1stholiday

Jenna – UK

  Useful!!! Saved our holidays! My 4 years son has broken his left foot!!
Viareggio, ITALY
 On Sea shore!!

Andrea – Italy

Bloccs made it possible for my 15 month old, who loves the water, to enjoy the beginning of summer!

Christine – USA

Marco Flying

Luigi – Italy

Another holiday saved by you! My son broke his arm 2 weeks before our holiday. His Bloccs protector enabled him to enjoy his holiday to the max! Thank you so much…Bloccs are holiday life savers! He answers to the name “ Flipper “

Victoria – Grand Cayman

I fractured my wrist on holiday in Australia I used Bloccs waterproof protector over my cast. I was able to swim in the sea for the duration of my holiday. Great product. star rating: 5

John – Aland Islands

We thought our holiday was ruined for our little man when he broke his arm 10 before departure but his bloccs cast protector saved the day. Best invention ever which allowed him to enjoy every aspect of our holiday. It was completely waterproof and it stopped sand and grit from getting under the cast. place: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Amanda – UK

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