Your Bloccs cast cover made our little 3 year old granddaughter smile again when she could swim with everyone after breaking her elbow the first day of summer vacation. Thank you!!  Bloccs saved the summer! #bloccsforthesave #summerissaved #sadday2happyday   Paula Edwards 22.06.17

Paula Edwards, Texas USA

Bloccs saved our holiday in Portugal. My son was able to shower, swim & meet the dolphins with a broken thumb! The dolphin approved too! Thank you Bloccs. #savedourholiday #bloccs   Cath Davies 21.06.17

Cath Davis UK

My 5 year old daughter broke both her wrists three days before our holiday, we desperately didn’t want to cancel. We came across Bloccs and decided to give them a try and I cannot praise them more, my daughter was in and out of the water every day, she was so happy as was our son who thought he wouldn’t have a water buddy! I have been telling everyone I know about them. Thank you so much for saving our holiday! #savedourholiday #bloccs Feeling thankful. Claire Howitt 07.06.17 1    

Claire Howitt – UK

Thank you for making our holiday Kim Clark 2

Kim Clark – UK

Brilliant!!!! We are a Swedish/Irish family on vacation in Spain. Our daughter had an bad accident 3 days before we went to Spain. With this full arm device she can swim and dive as all the other kids. Totally saved our holiday. Terry Andersson 2 Maya

Terry Andersson – Sweden

Thanks #bloccs you #savedourholiday when our son broke his arm 1 week before we were set to leave from the US to Greece. Audrey Rieben 22.06.17

Audrey Rieben – USA

Greetings from the USA! My 9 yr old broke her arm 10 days before our beach vacation. She was able to enjoy playing in the sand and ocean in OCNJ, thanks to Bloccs. We are so thankful we didn’t have to postpone our family tradition vacation this year! Bloccs kept her cast perfectly clean and dry. Jenn Brown 21.06.17

Jenn Brown – New Jersey, USA

My disabled mother had a fall 10 minutes before we were due to go on holiday and broke her wrist and we were worry that taking a shower and try to do any thing with water would be very hard for her but thanks to Bloccs mum managed to shower and do all manner of things we totally recommend this product.
star rating: 5

Carla – UK

I live in Spain, in Alicante. Now, in June the temperature is 33º…very hot. My daughter Laura, 7 years old, broke her elbow in May. She will have to were the plaster for the rest of June and the first week of July. You can imagine all the friends in the water, water plays at school.. I found bloccs and I’m a happy and thankful mother watching Laura in the water. She says:” mum who invents this is the best person all over the world !” Thank you so much to make the time with the plaster easier for my daughter Cramen Jasper 09.06.17  

Carmen Jasper – Spain

Steve Thomas 12.06.17
Our son broke his elbow a week before our holiday and whilst in A&E we found Bloccs on the internet. After reading the reviews we purchased this fantastic product enabling our son to enjoy the pool everyday on our holiday. We 100% recommend Bloccs for keeping a cast completely dry and for keeping a smile on our son’s face! A HUGE thank you for saving our holiday!
place: Portugal
star rating: 5

Hannah Thomas – UK

Bloccs to the rescue!! To anyone out there who has broken an arm (or a leg) and going on holiday I would definitely recommend getting the ‘bloccs’ waterproof cover. They are absolutely amazing and allow you/your kids to swim in the pool as normal! Our yr old broken her arm and had rods inserted 2 weeks before we were going to Cyprus. Bloccs had been recommended by a family member but I was still skeptical about how good it would be. Our daughter was constantly in the pool diving about and we didn’t have to worry at all or limit how long she was in there! She certainly didn’t feel like the broken arm ruined her holiday! Bloccs definitely saved our holiday and made just as enjoyable for Hannah! Thank you!
(All I would say is, especially for kids, if it’s constantly on and off throughout the day take 1 for each week as the seal may stretch)
place: Cyprus
star rating: 5
Claire Briggs, Hannah - 15.06.17

Claire Briggs – UK

Our little girl Hayley broke her elbow 5 days before we were due to fly out to Majorca. After a touch and go situation of being given permission by the orthopaedic consultant to fly, we were given the go ahead alongside a leaflet for the Bloccs full arm protector. We purchased it on the Saturday evening at 5pm and it arrived Sunday evening at 6:30pm. After a skeptical dip in the pool on our first day and an accidental full dip of the arm under the water her arm remained completely dry. Now I was more relaxed, she spent 80% of her time in the pool! She had an amazing first holiday abroad thanks to Bloccs! You literally #savedourholiday thank you so much!
Loving life with my Bloccs protector! Susan Crawford 05.06.17 - Hayley

Susan Crawford – UK

It was every penny worth it. You can swim and stay as long as you like in the water.

Sibylle -Switzerland

#Bloccs #Savedourholiday Clare Ball 30.05.17

Clare Ball – UK

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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