David Jones 07.08.17 The Bloccs protector saved my son’s holiday in Greece last week and we are absolutely delighted with the product. It was completely waterproof and allowed him to swim to his heart’s content knowing that there would be no leakage. He could spend the week snorkeling as much as he wished and even shower when required! Our grateful thanks. Having fun at Shipwrweck Cove star rating: 5  

Dave Jones – Zakynthos, Greece

Dhanesh 07.08.17
I used the Bloccs waterproof protector for my right leg to have a shower today (3 days post surgery). Doctor said not to shower for 8 days!! Damn, I don’t wanna smell like a panhandler!!!
So on it went and it fit snuggly, and after my shower, when I removed the protector, my lower right leg was absolutely dry!!
Great product (Bloccs) made by some blokes in England!!
star rating: 5

Dhanesh – San Diego, CA, USA.

My son broke his wrist two weeks before we were to leave for camping. He loves to swim…in fact, I think he is part fish… He would have been miserable if he had not be allowed to swim at the beach. The Bloccs cast protector was exactly what we needed. It fit perfectly, was comfortable and did not let in a drop of water. He was able to swim and play just as he would have without the cast. At first we wondered if it was necessary to spend the money on a cast protector…but it was totally worth it and we would do it again. Thank you!

Kristina – Canada

Lyndsey halewood 06.08.07   Thank you Bloccs for saving our holiday!

Lyndsey Halewood – UK

Gareth 04.08.17 (4) Gareth 04.08.17 (2) We loved the freedom having the waterproof sleeve so the summer holidays weren’t compromised enjoy the freedom

star rating: 5

Gareth – UK, Swanage Beach

Alan Bramwell 04.08.17
Fantastic product!! Didn’t stop the fun. After breaking his wrist a week before our trip to Italy with friends, our son was miserable thinking he’d have to sit out the fun on the sidelines of the swimming pool and beach. I found this product after a quick Google search and although a little skeptical decided to buy a couple of the full arm protectors (my sons cast being past the elbow). 1st day in the pool was a little worrying and the arm stayed above the water line for much of the time spent in the pool. We then had the idea of sending our friends daughter in the pool wearing the Bloccs we also shoved it full of tissue paper to see if there was any signs of water ingress. We had her jumping in and doing a full test of all swim strokes. The Bloccs passed with flying colours and we never looked back. One tip that helped us no end… You have to expel all the air from the Bloccs before fully submerging in the water, this usually meant lowering the limb into the water while holding a finger in the seal until all the air had been expelled. We found this quite difficult especially in the sea where you had to contend with waves. We soon discovered that the best way to remove the air and meaning no water was involved was to insert a drinking straw into the seal and suck the air out, this also made for a much better seal. All in all and excellent product and as many have mentioned before a holiday saver
Full Arm Cast? No problem!
Capri – Italy star rating: 5

Alan Bramwell – UK on holiday in Capri

Bought the Bloccs protector for my 11 year old son as he broke his arm just before we went on holiday.  He was able to swim in it as normal . It completely made our holiday, without it, he wouldn’t have been able to go in the pool at all. It was worth every penny .
star rating: 5

Rachel Peskey – UK

I broke my wrist playing netball and have a cast up to my elbow. I have been washing myself with face wipes for the past few days since my accident. I went online and ordered Bloccs and today I have been able to shower. The protector was quite easy to get on even though I had to use my left hand (I am right-handed). After the shower I slid it off and had remained completely dry underneath. I feel so much better for being able to shower. Thank you Bloccs.

Jane Collins – UK

Absolutely brilliant. So pleased I can shower after breaking my ankle. I would not have been able to cope if i couldn’t shower for 6 weeks. My family wouldn’t have been happy either! :-)

Jane Anson – UK

Rachel Goss 25.07.17
After I spent $20+ on store brand cast covers that were difficult to use and leaked, I decided to order a Bloccs cast cover. It was the best decision! Blocks was easy to put on and take off, plus it really sealed off water. No leaks at all! It allowed me to continue enjoying my summer activities.  Hello from the Sunshine State!
star rating: 5

Rachel Goss – Florida, USA

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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