#savedourholiday Thank you #bloccs🇺🇸

Jolene – US

What a brilliant and friendly company. I popped in on the off chance they could help my son. Amazing service highly recommended 🙂

Claire – United Kingdom

Wir haben den armschutz letztes Jahr im Sommer benötigt aufgrund eines Armbruches. Dieses Mal ist es ein genähtrr Schnitt am Fuss, da es nur für 10 Tage ist wurde der Armschutz einfach umgewandelt ☺️ Danke für diese Möglichkeit den Kindern im Sommer etwas normalitat zu bieten auch mit Verletzungen   We needed arm protection last summer due to a broken arm. This time it is a sewn cut on the foot, because it is only for 10 days, the arm protection was simply converted ☺️ Thank you for this opportunity to offer the children something normal in the summer, even with injuries

Jennifer – Germany

My little one has special needs and has physio in the swimming pool. Today I was able to ensure she made her appointment by joining her in the pool! . Pretty happy about that

Anna – Australia

#savedourholidays #bloccs Great fun for Gabriel on the boat. We received it just in time… thank you, bloocs saved our week-end in the south of France!

Caro – France

We just knew are beach vacation was going to be ruined after are 5 year old broke both arms 2 weeks before we left… but with bloccs arm protectors the trip was saved !! He played in the sand and swam all day and his cast never got wet at all!!! Thank you again bloccs protectors

Sara – USA

We still got to go to our Water park hotel in Orlando!

Kasey – Australia

Comments: Thank you so much for designing and making this cover. This is our 3rd broken arm in 2 years. I couldn’t justify the price before so I dealt with tape and bags and loosing insanity, all while trying to keep the cast dry. Clearly the best decision was made when I purchased it and then tried it out. Wow. Not only could my daughter get her arm wet. She could swim. And I caught her doing free-style at our neighbors pool yesterday with a full cast on!! Bring on summer!!
Star rating: 5
Caption: Swimming freestyle with a full cast!

Rachel – Canada

My adventure boy Theo broke his arm leading into summer and this product saved our Christmas holidays which in Australia (particularly now) is hot!!!!

Lauren – Australia

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