“Terrific, the sleeve arrived in the post today. Perfect when it was so hot and continuing over Christmas and beyond. My grandson was shouting….yes, yes, yes, yes…..when he saw the package. 70 minutes later he climb d out of our pool, and said…..nana this is better than chocolate. Was incredibly easy to put on his arm over the plaster and he had no problems with the fitting or comfort. Absolutely the best thing we have known about and highly recommend it’s use and effectiveness. One very happy and dry grandson!!”

Gail (Australia)

“We bought one of your leg protectors when my partner had knee surgery after a bike accident earlier this year and it worked beautifully to enable him to take a shower. Then just before Christmas I had knee replacement surgery, so your excellent leg protector came into service again. It was easy to use and completely effective. Thank you.”

Kate Corwyn

“Just to add to the many fantastic parent reviews…same scenario, water mad 6 year old brakes his wrist 3 days before a big family holiday to Tenerife. Hospital recommends another product (why is not every parent handed a marketing leaflet from you by hospitals!?), which was maybe splash proof, certainly not submersible. Thankfully after some additional research I found Bloccs, paid the extra, you shipped next morning as promised and a family holiday was, as you can see in the photo, wonderfully enjoyed by him and his sister. It was worn for hours and never let in any moisture – a brilliant design. Please keep thinking what other products you could bring to the market!”   claire-01-11-16-new-check-box


“3 days before my flight to France I fell and badly injured my left leg. I found Bloccs on the Internet and ordered a leg protector. As time was running out I paid for special delivery and was devastated when I found that the protector was much too large. I dashed off a disgruntled e-mail to Bloccs as my holiday hopes for swimming, etc., were or so I thought – gone. Enter Hannah Prickett!!! She rang immediately she received my e-mail and arranged for two items to be delivered on the morning of my flight by special delivery. These promptly arrived before 9.00a.m. One was ideal and yes my holiday was saved.  Hannah provided the best Customer Service I have received in years.”

Janet Birkins

“Thank you Bloccs for making sure we could enjoy the hot tub despite a broken finger! What a fantastic product….providing peace of mind that the cast will be dry while you enjoy yourself!”   em-photo-28-10-16


“Following a cycling accident I lost a chunk of skin from my leg and the Doctor said I couldn’t get my leg wet during my holiday (even after 7 weeks recovery) Devastated, a colleague searched online and found Bloccs. It was a lifesaver! A keen swimmer, I was amazed that not only could I dip in and out of the pool and shower with ease, I could do 50 lengths of the pool and my leg remained completely dry!!  I can’t recommend your product highly enough, everyone at the resort was amazed too!”


Elaine Hart

“Our son age 5 broke his leg 10 days before our holiday to Tenerife. We were in 2 minds whether to go or not, what fun would he have? We decided to buy your leg protector and decided to go! We were so glad we did. He had an amazing time and was in and out the pool daily for hours. Thank you so much!”

Kelly Felton-Moore

“Our daughter fractured her wrist 5 days before our holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida and was put in a cast. We were devastated that she would miss out on all the fun but then we discovered Bloccs. This product is absolutely fantastic and it saved our holiday completely. She wore it for swimming at the water parks and in the pool over a 2-week period and it never let a drop of water in on any of the occasions, cast stayed totally dry, we were amazed. It really is watertight and very reliable. She also wore it on all the water rides and it was very useful for this. Thank you so much to Bloccs who advised us on a suitable fitting and arranged next day delivery with no fuss at all. If you find yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to use this product we can’t recommend it enough.”

Lynsey Field

“Such an amazing product!  With just less than 48 hours before we were due to fly on holiday, our son broke his wrist.  Bloccs were so helpful in helping us select the right size and due to our timescales, allowing us to collect direct from their site.  The protector allowed our son to enjoy his holiday in the sea and pool, just as he would have done normally. Thank you all so much!” Brett, Emma and Charlie Mitchell

Brett, Emma and Charlie Mitchell

“Your Bloccs Child Arm Protector saved our family holiday when our 13 year old son broke his arm just before we flew abroad. With the arm protector he was able to go swimming in our pool and the sea with his arm in a plaster cast. Wonderful invention that worked perfectly – not a drop of water got through to our amazement! Our son would have been miserable without it. Thank you.”  

Frances Wood

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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