Catherine Harris 18.08.17 Back in the Water

Catherine Harris – UK

Jennifer King 7.8 (4) This really did save our holiday in Hawaii. So amazing! Thank you! #saveourholiday #bloccs We ordered your product through Amazon. My daughter broke her arm falling off a scooter the first week school was out. We had a three week vacation planned to the Big Island, Hawaii. We would have had to cancel our trip if it wasn’t for Bloccs. Can you imagine 3 weeks in Hawaii only able to look at the water and not able to get in?! My daughter was able to do everything including swim in the pool, use the water slides, snorkel and boogie board in the ocean. Lots of people asked about the arm protector and wished they had it when they needed it. It worked extremely well and truly saved our vacation. Thank you!

Jennifer King – Hawaii

Matt Britton 6.8 (3) It was the day before we flew that our lad broke his thumb in a scooter incident. We thought the villa / pool holiday would be pretty much ruined for him when we realised he would need a cast. Then we discovered #Bloccs – this has literally #savedourholiday – thank you!

Matt Britton – UK

Claire Allen 31.07.17 Would like to say a big thank you, bloccs saved the day. The only one that would allow my 9 year old water baby to keep swimming. Well a week on holiday and nothing has stopped her.

Claire Allen – UK

Sara Lewis 3.8.17 (1) #savedourholiday #bloccs Mia broke her arm 4 days before our holidays, at one point we didn’t think we would be here never mind swimming and jumping In! Without it we would not have been able to enjoy our holiday as we did. It honestly was the best thing ever! Mia was able to join in with everyone in the pool, waterslides, beach and in the sea as she would have done normally!  Thank you!!!!

Sara Lewis – UK

Jo Beeston 7.8.17 1 Hand Stands in the Pool?  Why Not! It’s a “thumbs up” for Bloccs! The waterproof cast protector has been a life saver for Evie this holiday – she broke her leg the week before we came away and worried she wouldn’t be able to go in the pool with her friends, but Bloccs has absolutely saved the day (and my sanity!!). Thank you #savedourholiday #bloccs #everyoneishappy

Jo – UK

ColetteEvans_05_08_17 (1) #savedourholiday #bloccs. My son broke both his wrists a week before our holiday. Without Bloccs I think we would have cancelled.

Colette Evans – UK

MarieNoel_1_8_17 Tellement heureuse de pouvoir nager et profiter pleinement de ses vacances #Laudine #savedourholiday #bloccs #thanksfromfrance
So happy to be able to swim and enjoy her vacation #laudine#savedourholiday #blocks #thanksfromfrance

Marie Noel – France

  #savedourholiday #bloccs still able to be our little mermaid

Louise Cooper – UK

Stephanie 19.07.17 #savedourholiday #bloccs so grateful for my boys arm protector! We had a very upset little man when he thought he couldn’t go swimming!     

Stephanie – UK

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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