Fun in Florida!

Ana – US

Mauri & Nicky in Tenerife

Maurizio – Italy

I bought your arm blocs on Amazon. Great buy!!

Paola – Italy

Ridin’ the waves! 🌊Thanks to Bloccs for saving this Alaskan boy’s summer vacation to North Carolina!! And to our amazingly resourceful sister-in-law Sheena Hopkins who discovered y’all and ordered one for him just in time for the beach trip:) #carolina #fortfisher #beach #pleasureisland #boogieboard

Shane – US

Thanks bloccs! #savedhersummer We go boating every weekend in the summer so when she broke her wrist we were all so worried she would have a miserable summer but she has been using the bloccs cover for 2 weeks now and it works great! Her cast is waterproof but our doctor didn’t want her in lake water because of potential for bacteria so the cover is an added layer of protection.

Kathy – US

My family is truly grateful for your product. It saved our family camping trip 2 years in a row. Last year my soon had a broken ankle. This year it was me and my foot! This year the weather was so hot and humid during our trip. I would have been miserable if I hadn’t been able to get in the water. Thanks to BLOCCS I was able to stay cool and enjoy my vacation and keep my cast clean and dry. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Cori – US

This Bloccs protector stood up to everything this always on the go, adventurous 8 1/2 yr old threw at it. He was so happy to have it and to not have to sit anything out while on vacation. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Jody – US

Great to be able to go swimming in spite of my cast. Loch Brandy on not quite a sunny day.

Janet – UK

My 6 year old doesn’t have to miss out on any summer fun now even with a broken wrist! Thanks!! #bloccs

Alicia – Canada

My son broke his arm a couple weeks ago sadly just in time for summer. He fishes daily, and is always in the water. After trying several products I ordered Bloccs. Absolute game changer! We only helped him put it on the first time, and that was it. He’s back in the water, smiling, and even fishing again! Thank you for making such a soft, easy to use product. #savedourvacation #bloccs #ichetuckneeriver #bassfishing #riverlife

Jessica – US

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