It just save my super hot September in Italy!!! Thank you so much!! @Bloccs

Massimo – Italy

comments: Fantastic product, my teenage son can put his short arm cast protector on himself giving him his independence while he is healing, We have complete peace of mind that his cast is safe and protected, I would highly recommend this product.
star rating: 5


My daughter at Saona Island, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, August 2019

António – Portugal

comments: My son has broken his arm for the second time and we are using the same arm protector from Bloccs. It has been amazing for a boy who’s favourite activity is swimming. He hasn’t had to miss his lessons although they have been slightly modified and we have been on holiday for a week with a pool in our villa and the beach. He has survived it all with the rubber arm protector
place: Mallorca
star rating: 5
caption: A broken arm dosen’t stop your fun!


comments: What a totally brilliant product! I was sceptical at first, but not a drop of water got through! This product is completely saved our holiday – thank you!
place: Maldives
star rating: 5


comments: This product helps her a lot. Thanks thanks thanks 💟
place: Costa brava-Spain
country: SPAIN
caption: With Dad


comments: My daughter broke her arm the day before school broke up for the summer holidays. 6 weeks in cast and a summer holiday in the Canary Islands we thought were spoiled. But thanks to #Bloccs watwrfroof protecter it really did save our holiday. Cannot recommend this item enough. The watertight seal works fabulously allowing her to swim, dive in, climb the climbing wall by the pool and fall in! On the furst day she was worried people would look at her, but it blends in with the water and people didnt seem to notice. And those that did ask were really impressed! Thank you again for taking the stress out of what could have been a spoiled week.
place: Feurteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
star rating: 5
caption: Waterbaby!


comments: Recommended by a friend the Blocc for 7 year olds arm cash has saved our two week holiday and allowed her to enjoy the water. Easily ordered and 100% effective. Top tip to dry it out after an hour in the water and give her a rest.
place: Le Pin Parasol Bouygues, France
star rating: 5
caption: Happy waterbaby


comments: When our 3 yr old broke her leg 4 days before our holiday we were devestated at the thought of her no being able to do her favourite thing… swimming in the pool!

My husband quickly placed an order for a child’s leg protector and it’s literally saved tears tantrums and heartbreak

We’ve been able to totally get on with our holiday stress free and Sinéad is a very happy customer
place: Manilva (Spain)
star rating: 5


comments: This is such a brilliant product completely water tight, no seams means no leakage Son has bad wound on hand and in large splint so easy following instructions correctly to get on and off and really comfortable son runs around happily with it on for ages.
We have tried previously other brand clear type arm covers but water would find way in …… this product is a game changer and highly recommend !
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star rating: 5


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