comments: fantastic product totally saved my sons holiday he went swimming every day in the sea it kept his cast totally dry
star rating: 5


This saved my holiday! A week before I had a two week holiday in Mexico I broke my hand and had to have pins inserted so a waterproof cast was not an option. But This cover allowed me to completely submerge my arm, could not thank this company enough!

Amy – UK

place: France
caption: The kids called it my dolphin ????


comments: I love my blocc and also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester for the incredible treatment I’ve received from every single staff member there during my 2 months of treatment for a broken wrist. Hand therapy still to go and I know I’ll be looked after with total professionalism and care x


comments: My 14 year old
Son broke his wrist a few
Weeks before we were due to go on holiday but a friend recommended your waterproof protectors. Can’t recommend them enough. Saved our holiday I didn’t think he would wear it but he wore it everyday on holiday he loves the pool don’t know what he would have done without it !! and even wears it when he’s been swimming in this country which has been a lot with the recent hot summer. I posted a pic on my social media and so many people have asked where I got it from. Seems to be a lot of broken bones around!
place: Gran Canaria
caption: Still looks cool !!


comments: Bought a Bloccs “waterproof protector for an arm” for my 10 year old boy as he broke his arm a few days before our annual holiday (July 2018). It was brilliant and let him go into the sea and pool daily for hours for 2 weeks straight. Easy to put on and off – not a drop of water got onto his cast.
Thank you for a brilliant product.
PS: We were in the South of France and had loads of enquiries from people as to where we got it – they had never seen it before. Maybe an opening in the market to be explored.
Thanks again – a very happy parent.
country: IRELAND
star rating: 5


comments: Thank you so much for this great innovation! It saved our summer holiday. One day before departure our son broke his left armwrist. Luckily we could postpone the vacation by 2 weeks, so during the vacation he was able to participate in all watersports activities thanks to the “Socke” as we called it He even acquired his Windsurfing diploma!!
place: Croatia, Istria, the southern most tip
country: Deutschland
star rating: 5


comments: My son used one of these on his broken arm and he was able to go swimming everyday otherwise his holiday would have been ruined would highly recommend anyone to try one of these they are amazing
place: Norfolk
star rating: 5


comments: fulfills every promise made. Thank you so much – you #savedourholiday. Due to bloccs, our son spent more time under water than above!
place: Bodensee
country: Deutschland
caption: enjoying the improbable – under water


comments: I am a left lower leg amputee, ordered a protector on the Sunday delivered at 11am on the Tuesday 11.30 am first shower in 2 1/2 years standing upright, worked fantastic. It easily went over my Prosthetic leg and kept it perfectly dry.
country: SPAIN


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