Becky Burt 05.05.18   Fractured elbow just 2 weeks before our First Holiday Abroad and with a villa with our very own pool which we had booked to hopefully get the girls swimming!!! The Bloccs sleeve saved us from having one upset little girl and having to watch her little sister have all the fun. Thank you    

Becky Burt

Natalie Kontakos - 22.07.18 One happy kid who can compete in the swim meet! (plus canoeing, kayaking..)#savedourvacation #bloccs  

Natalie Kontakos – US

Jenna Burke 20.07.18 Enjoying a splash! #savedmyholiday #1stholiday

Jenna Burke – UK

  Andrea Dini 19.07.18 Useful!!! Saved our holidays! My 4 years son has broken his left foot!!
Viareggio, ITALY
 On Sea shore!!

Andrea – Italy

Christine Jankowski 04.07.18 Bloccs made it possible for my 15 month old, who loves the water, to enjoy the beginning of summer!

Christine Jankowski – USA

  Dimitar Drumev 18.06.18 The cast protector really helped me on our family  holiday at Moravske Toplice, Slovenia. Highly recommended for active people who do not wish to spend their days stranded home in the summer heat. Looks cool too :)    

Dimitar Drumev – Slovenia

Luigi Savino 10.06.18 Marco Flying

Luigi Savino – Italy

Pauline Broom - 23.05.18 This genuinely saved our holiday.  Three days before our swelteringly hot Broome beach/pool holiday our daughter broke her finger and had a cast put on.  In desperation I bought this cover and hoped for the best.  If in doubt just get one – it will save your holiday, it was absolutely water tight and comfortable! Just do it and take the pain out of a cast! Just another day at the beach with my cast!

Pauline – Australia

Fantastic product, bought 2 leg cast protectors some years ago, my husband used for 14 weeks and other family members have since used them. Could not find anything in Australia at the time with same quality and fit. Thank you for a great product.

Ruth – Australia

Angela Sibbald 01.04.18 #savedourholiday #bloccs in sunny Tenerife! No stopping this one with a fractured thumb in cast in the pool or at the water park!

Angela Sibbald – UK

Linda Jereskes 28.05.18 One week before our holiday to Kos my daughter broke her elbow. Luckily we somebody told us about Bloccs. My daughter had a great holiday! Thank for that.

Linda Jereskes – Netherlands

Bob Raine 18.05.18 Saved Lola’s holiday  

David Raine – UK

Victoria McBride
Another holiday saved by you! My son broke his arm 2 weeks before our holiday. His Bloccs protector enabled him to enjoy his holiday to the max! Thank you so much…Bloccs are holiday life savers! He answers to the name “ Flipper “

Victoria Mcbryde – Grand Cayman

An amazing protector for my daughter’s full arm cast. At 5 she is not keen on showers and having never seen a cast cover suitable for bathing in I was fretful at having to shower her. However being recommended BLOCCS by a friend has allowed my daughter to have baths instead of showers. Made even more important after she was given bathbombs for her birthday 2 days after being put into her vast!! rating: 5

Sara Banyard – UK

I fractured my wrist on holiday in Australia I used Bloccs waterproof protector over my cast. I was able to swim in the sea for the duration of my holiday. Great product. star rating: 5

John Slater – Aland Islands

Amanda Alsop 13.04.18 (5)
Amanda Alsop 13.04.18 (1)We thought our holiday was ruined for our little man when he broke his arm 10 before departure but his bloccs cast protector saved the day. Best invention ever which allowed him to enjoy every aspect of our holiday. It was completely waterproof and it stopped sand and grit from getting under the cast. place: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Amanda Alsop – UK

The waterproof protector for my granddaughters hand dressing was exceptionally good. She was able to swim and play in the hotel pools without any water seeping in. We followed the advice to only wear it for an hour at a time because of condensation.It made her holiday!! star rating: 5

Jennifer Gapp UK

We received the water proof leg protector 2 days ago and I used it helping my husband who has broken his leg(tib fib) It was not too difficult to use and kept his cast waterproof, It was so much easier for my husband to get a shower. Thank you
star rating: 5

Liz Allchin – Canada

A complete lifesaver! With Bloccs cast cover my daughter was able to swim every day of the holiday! They were also very helpful helping figure out which size was best. Thank you so much for such an amazing product!! star rating: 5

Natalie – Israel

I bought a waterproof sleeve for my leg last summer and it was a great success ! I used it several times in the pool and the sea on the Costa del sol and my leg and the wounds that I was suffering from kept perfectly dry.. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is thinking of buying this form of leg waterproofing ! I give it 5 stars 

Malcolm Shaw – Spain

Silvia - Madrid 30.04.18It was a miracle when i found our about Bloccs protectors. I was already desperate, because my daughter broke her arm in June, last year and it was a disaster, because she was waiting the summer eagerly to go to the pool. We live in a small town next to Madrid, Spain and in the hospital told me to ask for a protector at the pharmacy and there I found two kind of protectors and they were not effective. So I started to search on the internet and I found you. When we went for a check up her doctor was surprised that she is swimming in the pool and she asked me about the protector and wrote it down in order to check the information and recommend it to other patients. star rating: 5  

Silvia – Spain

Mark Ladlow 04.05.17 After breaking my wrist 2 weeks before going on holiday I thought that taking a dip in the pool or swimming in the sea was highly unlikely. However thanks to Bloccs I could do all those things and fully enjoy my holiday.  

Mark Ladlow – UK

My mother-in-law discovered this amazing product after my son sustained a double-fracture to his left wrist in a trampoline accident. I was both skeptical and apprehensive at first, but we live in Oman, and what light relief there is from the extreme heat comes from access to water.
I was delighted to ‘take the plunge’ with the Bloccs arm cover and discover it lived up to the hype.
How refreshing to have a product like this do exactly as it says it will. Brilliant.
star rating: 5

Mrs Nelson – Oman

Superb product that has made bathing so much easier. Easily fits over the full arm cast and a tight fit as the top of the arm creating a waterproof seal.
star rating: 5

Anthony Williams

selina-hanson-08-01 My daughter in our pool. It’s been a godsend. Thanks so much 😊 She was swimming 5 days a week at squads until she broke her ankle so she had really been missing the pool. She’s v comfortable with using it now and its made all the difference to her summer.

Selina Hanson – Australia

David Spadaccini 08.10.17 (1) Two broken arms playing football a week before our holiday!! #bloccs#savedourholiday

David Spadaccini – Australia

  Christina Bartholomew 15.09 (11) My son found a friend in the pool who also wore a BLOCCS protector. We called My sons protector ‘Sharkie’ and drew a Shark face on it! Sharkie saved our holiday #savedourholiday and#Bloccs 

Christina Bartholomew – on holiday in Malta

Jackie Vaux 12.09 (1)       Perfect for Sea,Sand and Sunshine.  

Jackie Vaux – UK

Stacy Onizuk 06.09.17 (5) Our waterproof cover was amazing! Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with the cover on and it never leaked! Our vacation was saved – Thanks to Bloccs!  #savedourholiday #bloccs  

Stacy Onizuk – USA

Scott Clarke 03.09.17 This arm protector really #savedourholiday which meant we could all go in the water. We actually purchased two (just in case) but the one protector lasted all week and she was in the water EVERY day. Thank you #bloccs 

Scott Clarke – UK

We bought a Bloccs protector as my 15 year old son had his hand in plaster and we were due to go to Center Parcs in December.
At first I was a bit worried that it might not stay water tight but after the first few hours of being in the dome and in and out of water, we had complete confidence in the product.
Thank goodness we found Bloccs or my son would have had a miserable time sitting out of all our usual activities – it really did save our weekend and I will happily recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Bloccs
star rating: 5

Liz – UK

Thank you for a wonderful product! Enabled my 5 year old to swim freely and enjoy our holiday! I had some difficulty choosing a size, but your staff were so helpful when I called, and helped me to pick the perfect size.
star rating: 5


Bloccs waterproof protectors are a superb, highly effective product. My son was able to bathe normally and fully enjoy the swimming pool and sea while we were on holiday, without any damage at all to his cast. star rating: 5

Stephanie Joy – UK

You saved my summer cruise
star rating: 5

Silvio Leggio – Sicily, Italy

I can’t recommend Bloccs covers enough. My son has had dozens of casts on his arm over the last year and the plaster technician was very interested to see if the water had penetrated through all the layers after Sam had been swimming – on removal the cast and linings were completely dry and she was extremely impressed.
Milan, Italy
star rating: 5

Kim Hopkins – UK

As a plaster technician I found the Bloccs Below Elbow waterproof protector was fantastic allowing me to shower ,bath when I fractured my wrist on holiday. I would certainly recommend these covers.
star rating: 5

Jean Sims

    oznor Perfekt Lösung. Ohne den Bloccs Wasserschutz hätten wir den Urlaub am Meer nicht so entspannt gestalten können. 5 Tage vor Reiseantritt brach sich mein Sohn den Unterarm. Dank Bloccs hatten wir trotzdem einen schönen Urlaub. Mein Fazit, Bloccs ist eine geniale Lösung…. Deutschland     Perfect solution. Without the Bloccs water protection, we would not have been able to make the vacation by the sea so relaxed. 5 days before departure, my son broke his forearm. Thanks to Bloccs we still had a nice holiday. My conclusion, Bloccs is an ingenious solution …. Germany star rating: 5

B Blum – Germany

I can’t tell you enough on how impressed I was with the protector . We were advised by our consultant at Alder Hey hospital that there is nothing out there that they could recommend or be used. I’m so glad we ignored that and purchased the Blocc. My 13 year boy had a cast from his hand to just below his elbow. With the protector he was in the pool and sea every day, he snorkelled and did everything he would normally do without any water getting in.He would spend hours in the pool every day. Without this, the holiday would have been awful for him. I can’t thank you enough. He is 13 years old so no photos sorry ;)
star rating: 5

Lee Bennett – UK

Matt Watson (1) Matt Watson (2) Jack is enjoying the Australian summer with his Bloccs waterproof protector.

Matt Watson – Australia

Carleen Ellis 08.12.17  (2) Carleen Ellis 08.12.17  (4) Thanks #Bloccs for this amazing product. Our nearly 4 year old girl fell off a swing causing a buckle fracture to her arm a week before a trip to the Gold Coast. With her full cast, she wasn’t allowed on the theme park rides or slides, but she was still allowed in the pools and splash areas! It is so good, I would recommend this even if just using for showers and baths. It takes the worry out of getting a wet cast, and honestly #savedourholiday and our girl got to join in and have fun!!  

Carleen Ellis – Gold Coast Australia

Tim and Rachel Atkins 23.12.17 Amazing … it’s not what you can’t do it’s what you can do when you have the protection needed. We waited a year to go on an amazing holiday… but the week before my daughter broke her leg! If it wasn’t for #bloccs the family would have to split up with some going swimming and others staying behind to entertain the child with the broken leg… however I tentatively tried out one of the blocc full leg protectors and I can’t actually believe how amazing it was. It actually worked and the sizing was spot on. Each time after swimming her leg was dry after being in the pool. #savedourholiday #bloccs. We didn’t even need to use the spare one we bought incase we go nervous about wear and tear…  

Rachel Atkins – UK

  Ben McCullagh 05.10.17 (1) Breaking her arm on holiday won’t stop her racing her brother!!”  

Ben McCullagh

EllenSeidler 09.09.17 Thank you so much for this great innovation! It saved our summer holiday. One day before departure our son broke his left arm wrist. Luckily we could postpone the vacation by 2 weeks, so during the vacation he was able to participate in all water sports activities thanks to the “Socke” as we called it He even acquired his Windsurfing diploma!! Croatia, Istria, the southern most tip Star Rating: 5  

Ellen Seidler – Germany

Steve Baker 24.08.17 Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making a 12 year old boy very happy on holiday. Broken wrist a week before we went away, but no problem due to your products. Very many thanks.  

Steve Baker – UK

Donna Rankine 09.09 (4) #savedourholiday – imagine not being able to do this with the others!!!

Donna Rankine – UK

Helen Sadler 5.9.17 Had a fabulous holiday thanks to her bloccs protector, still making memories #savedourholiday #bloccs  

Helen Sadler – UK

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Underwater Dabbing!! #savedourholiday #bloccs      

Colin Stephenson – UK

DebbieLunn 12.09.17 My son broke his arm on the first day of the summer holidays and broke his heart when we told him he would not be able to go to the waterpark on holiday in Greece. Bloccs made our little boy happy again and #savedourholiday. Amazing!  

Debbie Lunn – UK

Oana Ochia - Austria
With Bloccs at Valiug Lake, Romania

Oana Ochia – Austria

Jenny Precious 22.08.17 (3)   We simply cant thanks Bloccs enough! When our 4 year old daughter broke her arm two weeks before our family holiday in the sun we thought it was going to be ruined. She managed to get her 10 metre swimming badge (just before the fracture) but the Bloccs cover allowed her to swim and jump into the pool for several hours a day for a full week and allowed her to be the perfect mermaid in the pool, now swimming 50 metres plus!

Jenny Precious – UK

Katina Fitch 22.08.17
Thanks to Bloccs our little fish is having a great holiday! 

Katina Fitch – UK

Aleksandra Bleumink 21.08.17 Summer Holiday

Aleksandra Bleumink – Netherlands

Grazie di♥️per il vostro prodotto veramente eccezionale! Il mio bimbo può nonostante un braccio ingessato fare le sue immersioni nel profondo mare jonio di Calabria Italia Thank you for ♥️ for your truly exceptional product! My baby can despite an arm in a cast to make his dives in the deep sea ionian di Calabria Italy Rosella Valente 09.08.17 (1)    

Rosella Valenta – Italy

Catherine Harris 18.08.17 Back in the Water

Catherine Harris – UK

Jennifer King 7.8 (4) This really did save our holiday in Hawaii. So amazing! Thank you! #saveourholiday #bloccs We ordered your product through Amazon. My daughter broke her arm falling off a scooter the first week school was out. We had a three week vacation planned to the Big Island, Hawaii. We would have had to cancel our trip if it wasn’t for Bloccs. Can you imagine 3 weeks in Hawaii only able to look at the water and not able to get in?! My daughter was able to do everything including swim in the pool, use the water slides, snorkel and boogie board in the ocean. Lots of people asked about the arm protector and wished they had it when they needed it. It worked extremely well and truly saved our vacation. Thank you!

Jennifer King – Hawaii

Matt Britton 6.8 (3) It was the day before we flew that our lad broke his thumb in a scooter incident. We thought the villa / pool holiday would be pretty much ruined for him when we realised he would need a cast. Then we discovered #Bloccs – this has literally #savedourholiday – thank you!

Matt Britton – UK

Claire Allen 31.07.17 Would like to say a big thank you, bloccs saved the day. The only one that would allow my 9 year old water baby to keep swimming. Well a week on holiday and nothing has stopped her.

Claire Allen – UK

Sara Lewis 3.8.17 (1) #savedourholiday #bloccs Mia broke her arm 4 days before our holidays, at one point we didn’t think we would be here never mind swimming and jumping In! Without it we would not have been able to enjoy our holiday as we did. It honestly was the best thing ever! Mia was able to join in with everyone in the pool, waterslides, beach and in the sea as she would have done normally!  Thank you!!!!

Sara Lewis – UK

Jo Beeston 7.8.17 1 Hand Stands in the Pool?  Why Not! It’s a “thumbs up” for Bloccs! The waterproof cast protector has been a life saver for Evie this holiday – she broke her leg the week before we came away and worried she wouldn’t be able to go in the pool with her friends, but Bloccs has absolutely saved the day (and my sanity!!). Thank you #savedourholiday #bloccs #everyoneishappy

Jo – UK

ColetteEvans_05_08_17 (1) #savedourholiday #bloccs. My son broke both his wrists a week before our holiday. Without Bloccs I think we would have cancelled.

Colette Evans – UK

MarieNoel_1_8_17 Tellement heureuse de pouvoir nager et profiter pleinement de ses vacances #Laudine #savedourholiday #bloccs #thanksfromfrance
So happy to be able to swim and enjoy her vacation #laudine#savedourholiday #blocks #thanksfromfrance

Marie Noel – France

  #savedourholiday #bloccs still able to be our little mermaid

Louise Cooper – UK

Stephanie 19.07.17 #savedourholiday #bloccs so grateful for my boys arm protector! We had a very upset little man when he thought he couldn’t go swimming!     

Stephanie – UK

Holiday in Cannes saved by the Bloccs!!

Fiona McGuigan – UK

#photocompetition #bloccssavedourholiday 5 year old Isabelle still able to join in with the fun in the sea with daddy and older sister Jessica. Izzy fell and broke her wrist 9 days before the holiday. I am so impressed with the product! Each day of our holidays my husband and me have commented ‘what would we do without that sleeve’!!! The holiday would have been miserable for Isabelle and in turn for us too in seeing her so unhappy. Our bloccs sleeve has truly been a godsend!! Thank you again!

Claire Ford – UK

Julie 16.08.17 (2)

Julie – UK

Carla Bacon 28.08.17   Real quality product, easy to fit when you get the knack, bought two to take on holiday as we were going for a fortnight but taking one back as we didn’t need it. Thanks for making what could have been a nightmare into a great family holiday. Highly recommended Bloccs to the holiday rescue ??
star rating: 5

Carla Bacon – Cyprus

Rachel Gladdis 15.08.17
Surfing the waves... done with Bloccs

Rachel Gladdis – UK

Sarah Stokes 15.08.17 Nothings going to stop me now! #saveourholiday

Sarah Stokes – UK

  Lulu Caffrey 13.08.17   My water babies having fun #savedourholiday #bloccs

Lulu Caffrey – UK

Sarah Pickering 13.08.17

Elsie has had the best holiday thanks to Bloccs. Don't know what we would have done without you, thank you for helping make special memories for our little one x 

Sarah Pickering – UK

My 13 year old son fractured his wrist 2 weeks before our family holiday to Lanzarote. He is an avid swimmer and we thought the holiday would be very difficult for him as a result of the fracture. We discovered your product on the Boots website and all I can say is that it is an absolutely fantastic product. My son did everything he would normally do in the pool on holiday, he swam, dived, played ball etc. It was as if he didn’t have a cast on his arm at all. I could not recommend your product enough ! star rating: 5

Annemarie Mcnamara – Ireland

Lyndsey tonge 09.08.17 (2) We are currently in Italy enjoying a wonderful family holiday. Our son broke his arm 10 days before we traveled and has a full arm cast on. Bloccs has saved the day and our son is swimming all day. Luca enjoying his holiday

Lynsey Tonge – UK on holiday in Italy

David Jones 07.08.17 The Bloccs protector saved my son’s holiday in Greece last week and we are absolutely delighted with the product. It was completely waterproof and allowed him to swim to his heart’s content knowing that there would be no leakage. He could spend the week snorkeling as much as he wished and even shower when required! Our grateful thanks. Having fun at Shipwrweck Cove star rating: 5  

Dave Jones – Zakynthos, Greece

Dhanesh 07.08.17
I used the Bloccs waterproof protector for my right leg to have a shower today (3 days post surgery). Doctor said not to shower for 8 days!! Damn, I don’t wanna smell like a panhandler!!!
So on it went and it fit snuggly, and after my shower, when I removed the protector, my lower right leg was absolutely dry!!
Great product (Bloccs) made by some blokes in England!!
star rating: 5

Dhanesh – San Diego, CA, USA.

My son broke his wrist two weeks before we were to leave for camping. He loves to swim…in fact, I think he is part fish… He would have been miserable if he had not be allowed to swim at the beach. The Bloccs cast protector was exactly what we needed. It fit perfectly, was comfortable and did not let in a drop of water. He was able to swim and play just as he would have without the cast. At first we wondered if it was necessary to spend the money on a cast protector…but it was totally worth it and we would do it again. Thank you!

Kristina – Canada

Lyndsey halewood 06.08.07   Thank you Bloccs for saving our holiday!

Lyndsey Halewood – UK

Gareth 04.08.17 (4) Gareth 04.08.17 (2) We loved the freedom having the waterproof sleeve so the summer holidays weren’t compromised enjoy the freedom

star rating: 5

Gareth – UK, Swanage Beach

Alan Bramwell 04.08.17
Fantastic product!! Didn’t stop the fun. After breaking his wrist a week before our trip to Italy with friends, our son was miserable thinking he’d have to sit out the fun on the sidelines of the swimming pool and beach. I found this product after a quick Google search and although a little skeptical decided to buy a couple of the full arm protectors (my sons cast being past the elbow). 1st day in the pool was a little worrying and the arm stayed above the water line for much of the time spent in the pool. We then had the idea of sending our friends daughter in the pool wearing the Bloccs we also shoved it full of tissue paper to see if there was any signs of water ingress. We had her jumping in and doing a full test of all swim strokes. The Bloccs passed with flying colours and we never looked back. One tip that helped us no end… You have to expel all the air from the Bloccs before fully submerging in the water, this usually meant lowering the limb into the water while holding a finger in the seal until all the air had been expelled. We found this quite difficult especially in the sea where you had to contend with waves. We soon discovered that the best way to remove the air and meaning no water was involved was to insert a drinking straw into the seal and suck the air out, this also made for a much better seal. All in all and excellent product and as many have mentioned before a holiday saver
Full Arm Cast? No problem!
Capri – Italy star rating: 5

Alan Bramwell – UK on holiday in Capri

Bought the Bloccs protector for my 11 year old son as he broke his arm just before we went on holiday.  He was able to swim in it as normal . It completely made our holiday, without it, he wouldn’t have been able to go in the pool at all. It was worth every penny .
star rating: 5

Rachel Peskey – UK

I broke my wrist playing netball and have a cast up to my elbow. I have been washing myself with face wipes for the past few days since my accident. I went online and ordered Bloccs and today I have been able to shower. The protector was quite easy to get on even though I had to use my left hand (I am right-handed). After the shower I slid it off and had remained completely dry underneath. I feel so much better for being able to shower. Thank you Bloccs.

Jane Collins – UK

Absolutely brilliant. So pleased I can shower after breaking my ankle. I would not have been able to cope if i couldn’t shower for 6 weeks. My family wouldn’t have been happy either! :-)

Jane Anson – UK

Rachel Goss 25.07.17
After I spent $20+ on store brand cast covers that were difficult to use and leaked, I decided to order a Bloccs cast cover. It was the best decision! Blocks was easy to put on and take off, plus it really sealed off water. No leaks at all! It allowed me to continue enjoying my summer activities.  Hello from the Sunshine State!
star rating: 5

Rachel Goss – Florida, USA

Katrin Rackelmann 01.07.17
Thank you so much – you #savedourholiday. Due to Bloccs, our son spent more time under water than above!   Enjoying the improbable – under water

Dr Katrin Rackelmann – Germany

Vicky Melluish 21.07.17 (2)   Just want to say what an amazing product saved our holiday. My daughter broke her arm the week before we were going on holiday I brought a 2x full arm cover just in case one broke but it was fab never broke stop any water getting in and I mean she was jumping in and out of the pool all day!!!

Vicky Melluish – UK

Lisa Bradley 14.07.17
My Son enjoying is holiday in the pool at costa del sol #saveourholiday #bloccs

Lisa Bradley – Spain

Melanie Atteridge 11.07.17   Unstoppable! And I thought she’d be sitting by the pool miserable… thank you Bloccs!

Melanie Atteridge

Faye Ranson 08.07.17 All you need is a little help from your friends and Bloccs of course :-)         

Faye Ranson

Clara Cox 17.07.17 (2) Clara Cox 17.07.17 (3) Bloccs Savedourholiday    

Clara Cox – Belgium

Beatrice Minuti 14.07. 17 (1) Beatrice Minuti 14.07. 17 (4)   Che bellezza..,. Fare il bagno con il braccio ingessato
What a beauty..,. to bathe with your arm in plaster

Beatrice Minuti – Tuscany, Italy

Handry Corredor 21.07.17 (4) Handry Corredor 21.07.17 (3)   Isabella broke her elbow in May. Now she is very happy to be back in the water thanks to the waterproof cast cover. Amazing product! We live in Panama and water is all around #savedourholiday #bloccs    

Handry Corredor – Panama

Leanna Thompson 13.07.17 When my daughter broke her forearm at the beginning of summer, I knew we would have to have a cast cover. We already had our vacation booked and I couldn’t bear the thought of her sitting out while everyone else went in the water. I did some research on other products and then I came across the Bloccs Cast protector. I knew it when I saw it online that it was the one we had to have. It has served it purpose with 100% effectiveness. It has kept the cast dry through bathing/showering, the pool, the sand and the ocean. It was worth every bit of money I spent. Highly recommend this cast protector to anyone that is looking for this type of product.

Leanna Thompson – USA

Sara Warner 21.07.17 (2) Sara Warner 21.07.17 (3)   Thank you, BLOCCS! My daughter was able to play in her Soccer in the Sand Tournament!!  #savedmysoccerinthesandtournament #bloccs

Sara Warner – USA

  Teresa Russo 06.07.17   Grazie a questo “guantino blu” il mio bimbo di tr anni si è potuto cmq godere il mare  È un’invenzione straordinaria
Thanks to this “Glove Blue” my baby boy was able btw enjoy the sea Is an extraordinary invention

Teresa Russo – Italy

Natalia Torres Sanchez - 17.07.17   My son’s name is Alejandro. He is nine years old and he broke his arm on the last day of school. He is the middle of three brothers. When the family decides to go on vacation, you can’t say no to vacations and say no to water. But if the family lives in the sea, on «the coast of the sun», is impossible to say no to water. He and his brothers were very sad for 50 days without being able to swin. I saw your protector Bloccs online in amazon and I explained him that maybe it will not work. When we put the protector on his arm and he began to swin, he shouted « mamiiiiii works!!!!!». All the family are very happy and we thank you for everything.    

Natalia Torres – Malaga, Spain

Stephanie Kenny 23.07.17 #savedourholiday #bloccs Superb product which allowed our 4 year old to go into the pool after breaking her leg 10 days before going to Gran Canaria. Took the stress out of a traumatic event. Thanks!!  

Stephanie Kenny – UK

LucyLou 17.07.17 My son has Cerebral Palsy and needed an operation on both his legs. His Bloccs were amazing and such a good buy! I was worried about them at first, but I need not have been!!They are an incredible product and totally saved us when spending a month in the hot Texas heat! 

Lucy Lou – UK

Nic Fasci - Claudia 16.07.17a Not being happy enough with just dislocating her elbow, she broke it at the same time at out local trampoline park 1 week before we were due to have our summer holiday this week! One large cast later, we thought there was no way on the planet she’d get anywhere near the water! That was until we discovered Bloccs!!! With a gym band as her sling and Bloccs cast protector, Claudia is still able to get in the pool and have some fun! Ok not to mermaid levels as she’d sink like a brick, more bobbing along on her rubber ring.  Thank You Bloccs  

Nic Fasci – UK

Liza Krause 11.07.17 Thank you for saving our summer BLOCCS!  

Liza Krause – USA

What a great product. You take having a shower for granted but when you are unable to get your plaster wet it all changes. Thanks Bloccs for creating a wonderful piece of kit.

Ann Eaton – UK

Caryn Mair 17.07.17
Caryn Mair 17.07.17 B   What an amazing product! Our 6 year old daughter broke her elbow just a few days before we were due to go on a family holiday to Majorca – a 1st ever beach holiday abroad for both her and her big sister. We were devastated, presuming we’d have to cancel, and circumstances meant we wouldn’t be able to rebook until the following year. My husband found out about bloccs after some online searching, and they just seemed too good to be true! I still can’t believe how simple and effective the cover was. My daughter was in the pool or sea every day, with her bloccs cover over a full arm cast! She swam and splashed all day long and thoroughly enjoyed her holiday. Back home now it is making showering and bathing completely stress free. Can’t recommend this product highly enough. place: Majorca star rating: 5

Caryn Mair – UK

Dean Rogers 20.07.17   Little one broke her arm and wrist four days before trip to Kos and Bloccs came to the rescue and saved our holiday. Everyone was asking about the cover. 

Dean Rogers – UK

Tracey Barbour 11.07.17 D                           We are so thankful for his Bloccs waterproof cast cover!!! It’s saved our vacation for this beach-loving boy!

Tracy Barbour – Florida USA

Sumer Hansen Thank you Bloccs for your amazing cast cover! My daughter swam in the pool and ocean hardly noticing she had a cast on her arm! Your friends in Casper, WY USA are very grateful!

Sumer Hansen – Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA

Denise Bisio 4.7.17 Thank you so much Bloccs!  

Denise Bisio – Varazze, Liguria, Italy

Jennifer Bame 5.7.17 I am so excited about this product. Our son was disappointed his hand surgery would keep him out of the pool for a whole month this summer. Fortunately, I found this miracle product on Amazon. He swam all day in the lake and the pool, and his cast stayed completely dry and sand free. Not to mention it has made showering easier. #bloccs #savedourholiday  

Jennifer Bame – USA

Nicole Rodig 4.7.17 We have one very happy 2 year old thanks to Bloccs! #savedourholiday #bloccs  

Nicole Rodig – USA

Suset Persson 08.07.17 Vi hade två en till dottern som hade ett svårläkta sår och en till sonen som brutit sin stortå. Hade vi inte haft bloccs hade semestern varit helt förstörd. De var helt suveräna, satt bra, skyddade, slitstarka. I början var det lite svårt att få på den men efter ett par gånger fick man till tekniken och insåg hur slitstarka de var.                                                                                                                   We had two one to the daughter who had a hard-wound wound and one to the son who broke his big toe. Had we not had bloccs, the holiday had been completely ruined. They were absolutely sovereign, put well, protected, durable. At first it was a little difficult to get it on, but after a couple of times they got to the technology and realized how hard they were. Rating: 5 stars

Susanne Persson – Spanien, Los Narejos SWEDEN

Bloccs saved our summer holidays in Ibiza! Thank you so much!

Elisa Betta – Italy

This product absolutely saved our holiday! Our 9 year old daughter broke her ankle just a week before our holiday to Spain. I was dubious at first that it would be 100% waterproof but after testing it in the bath before we went the cast was absolutely bone dry. On holiday she was still able to go in the pool – spending most of her time in there in fact. Absolutely brilliant product cannot recommend this enough. Thanks for saving the day Bloccs!!!! star rating: 5

L Howell – UK

Paula Edwards 30.06.17                                                                   Bloccs Saved Her Summer!  

Paula Edwards – USA

Great product and does exactly what it says it will. So glad I found my Bloccs arm protector, made a great holiday fantastic as I could do everything I normally do swimming as normal in the sea and pool keeping my cast and wound perfectly dry.

Mark Bayston – UK

Paula Edwards 22.06.17 Your Bloccs cast cover made our little 3 year old granddaughter smile again when she could swim with everyone after breaking her elbow the first day of summer vacation. Thank you!! Our granddaughter broke her arm the first day of summer vacation and Bloccs saved the summer! #bloccsforthesave #summerissaved #sadday2happyday  

Paula Thiede Edwards – Texas, USA

Michelle Smith 27.06.17 Saved our vacation :-)

Michelle Smith – USA

  Danielle Carter Friswell 01 Danielle Carter Friswell 02 Danielle Carter Friswell 03 Made our holiday

Danielle Carter Friswell – UK

Maisie Paddling Pool 27.06.17 Enjoying the paddling pool #bloccs

Maisie – UK

Lucy Delap 26.06.17 Just chillin’ This Bloccs waterproof sleeve has been an absolute godsend with our 3 year old daughter with bathing and swimming!#savedourholiday #bloccs

Lucy Delap – UK

Brilliant!!!! We are a Swedish/Irish family on vacation in Spain. Our daughter had an bad accident 3 days before we went to Spain. With this full arm device she can swim and dive as all the other kids. Totally saved our holiday. Terry Andersson 2 Maya

Terry Andersson – Sweden

Thanks #bloccs you #savedourholiday when our son broke his arm 1 week before we were set to leave from the US to Greece. Audrey Rieben 22.06.17

Audrey Rieben – USA

Cath Davies 21.06.17 Bloccs saved our holiday in Portugal. My son was able to shower, swim & meet the dolphins with a broken thumb! The dolphin approved too! Thank you Bloccs. #savedourholiday #bloccs

Cath Davis UK

Greetings from the USA! My 9 yr old broke her arm 10 days before our beach vacation. She was able to enjoy playing in the sand and ocean in OCNJ, thanks to Bloccs. We are so thankful we didn’t have to postpone our family tradition vacation this year! Bloccs kept her cast perfectly clean and dry. Jenn Brown 21.06.17

Jenn Brown – New Jersey, USA

My disabled mother had a fall 10 minutes before we were due to go on holiday and broke her wrist and we were worry that taking a shower and try to do any thing with water would be very hard for her but thanks to Bloccs mum managed to shower and do all manner of things we totally recommend this product.
star rating: 5

Carla – UK

I live in Spain, in Alicante. Now, in June the temperature is 33º…very hot. My daughter Laura, 7 years old, broke her elbow in May. She will have to were the plaster for the rest of June and the first week of July. You can imagine all the friends in the water, water plays at school.. I found bloccs and I’m a happy and thankful mother watching Laura in the water. She says:” mum who invents this is the best person all over the world !” Thank you so much to make the time with the plaster easier for my daughter Cramen Jasper 09.06.17  

Carmen Jasper – Spain

Claire Howitt 07.06.17 1 My 5 year old daughter broke both her wrists three days before our holiday, we desperately didn’t want to cancel. We came across Bloccs and decided to give them a try and I cannot praise them more, my daughter was in and out of the water every day, she was so happy as was our son who thought he wouldn’t have a water buddy! I have been telling everyone I know about them. Thank you so much for saving our holiday! #savedourholiday #bloccs Feeling thankful.  

Claire Howitt – UK

Steve Thomas 12.06.17
Our son broke his elbow a week before our holiday and whilst in A&E we found Bloccs on the internet. After reading the reviews we purchased this fantastic product enabling our son to enjoy the pool everyday on our holiday. We 100% recommend Bloccs for keeping a cast completely dry and for keeping a smile on our son’s face! A HUGE thank you for saving our holiday!
place: Portugal
star rating: 5

Hannah Thomas – UK

Bloccs to the rescue!! To anyone out there who has broken an arm (or a leg) and going on holiday I would definitely recommend getting the ‘bloccs’ waterproof cover. They are absolutely amazing and allow you/your kids to swim in the pool as normal! Our yr old broken her arm and had rods inserted 2 weeks before we were going to Cyprus. Bloccs had been recommended by a family member but I was still skeptical about how good it would be. Our daughter was constantly in the pool diving about and we didn’t have to worry at all or limit how long she was in there! She certainly didn’t feel like the broken arm ruined her holiday! Bloccs definitely saved our holiday and made just as enjoyable for Hannah! Thank you!
(All I would say is, especially for kids, if it’s constantly on and off throughout the day take 1 for each week as the seal may stretch)
place: Cyprus
star rating: 5
Claire Briggs, Hannah - 15.06.17

Claire Briggs – UK

Our little girl Hayley broke her elbow 5 days before we were due to fly out to Majorca. After a touch and go situation of being given permission by the orthopaedic consultant to fly, we were given the go ahead alongside a leaflet for the Bloccs full arm protector. We purchased it on the Saturday evening at 5pm and it arrived Sunday evening at 6:30pm. After a skeptical dip in the pool on our first day and an accidental full dip of the arm under the water her arm remained completely dry. Now I was more relaxed, she spent 80% of her time in the pool! She had an amazing first holiday abroad thanks to Bloccs! You literally #savedourholiday thank you so much!
Loving life with my Bloccs protector! Susan Crawford 05.06.17 - Hayley

Susan Crawford – UK

I sustained a broken metacarpal and had to wear a cast for 6 weeks, I swim once a week and shower every day, I was dreading not being able to do either of them for six weeks, when I got home from hospital, in with my leaflets for aftercare information there was a leaflet on Bloccs waterproof protection. I must admit I was skeptical but thought it would be worth it if it worked. Being able to shower was good enough, but still being able to swim was even better. I would total recommend this to anyone who needs to protect there cast and carry on with enjoying the things they enjoy. 5 star rating.

Sue Butler – UK

It was every penny worth it. You can swim and stay as long as you like in the water.

Sibylle -Switzerland

#Bloccs #Savedourholiday Clare Ball 30.05.17

Clare Ball – UK

Bloccs Saved our Holiday Tammy Spoden 30.05.17

Tammy Spoden – UK

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a wonderful product.  My son, has a complicated fracture and has now been in plaster for 14 weeks.  He was lucky enough to be selected to represent his school team on a football tour of Milan.  After much discussion between the hospital and school Sam was allowed to go away ( but not play). Here he is with some team mates enjoying the hotel’s pool in the Italian sunshine.  Thanks again for a great product, just wish I had heard about you earlier! Kim Hopkins Sam Addinall - Milan Football Tour 2017  

Kim Hopkins – UK

Kim Clark 2   Thank you for making our holiday

Kim Clark – UK

My 4 year old cut his finger open the day before we flew to Turkey. He had to have stitches and we were told that he wasn’t to get it wet for at least 7 days. I was dreading it and I felt so guilty trying to explain to a 4 year old that he wasn’t allowed to join in with his brothers and would just have to sit and watch them have fun.   But then I discovered your waterproof protector, and it really has saved our holiday. It doesn’t bother him in the slightest, he was actually excited to wear it ! That smile is priceless. Thank you ! Rachel Growns - Zackary 25.05.17 - 4 Rachel Gowns - Zachary 25.05.17 - 6

Rachel Louise – UK

Thank you for this amazing product! Our family holiday was saved and my son was still able to still do things he loves despite his broken arm! Kelly Widdop a 22.05.17 FB Kelly Widdop 22.05.17 FB    

Kelly Widdop – UK

Thanks to Bloccs our holiday was saved for a four year old with a broken elbow. He wore it at the pool and beach everyday. Joanna Loveridge 22.05.17

Joanne Loveridge – UK

On holiday and swimming everyday with Bloccs Charline Wong

Charlie Wong – UK

My 5 year old broke his wrist 6 days before going abroad. I was devastated as I thought I would have to keep him out of the water, but I found this for sale in Boots so I bought it wasn’t too sure about it but what a god send it was. We used it everyday at the pool and the beach, it kept all the sand out aswell. He did not complain once about it, it seemed very comfy for him. Amazing find Thank you   Tamlyn Bargate 1 28.04.17

Tamlyn Bargate – UK

Just a note to say many thanks indeed for completely saving the day. We live in Zanzibar, so 5 year old son breaking his arm and daily temperatures of 36 degrees meant not swimming was going to be more than just a problem. The full length arm protector stood up to every challenge – diving, swimming, showering, beach – a great product.   Delivered overnight to a UK address for onward sending was also very efficient.   Tom Fyson - Digital only

Tom Fyson – Zanzibar

“One word ‘Wow” when my 3 1/2 year old daughter broke her arm and was plastered from her wrist to her shoulder I immediately thought “how am I going to bath her?!” I needn’t have worried as Bloccs waterproof cover is absolutely amazing completely took the stress out of trying to wash her.  Would 100% recommend this product – although I haven’t used it for swimming I would feel completely confident in doing so! If you’re in 2 minds on whether to purchase one you seriously would not be disappointed!!”

Tonia Walters – UK

Happy chappy What a life saver picked up our God son for a week on the Gold Coast he broke his arm that morning. Your cast protector allowed him to undertake all water sports and over night delivery to our accommodation was perfect. Already have responses on our Facebook about your product. Again many thanks.
Cathy Robertson - 18.01.17

Cathy Robertson -Palm Beach QLD – AUSTRALIA

Does exactly what it says it will, easy to get on over a leg braced totally straight and in a cast below my knee and not the tiniest bit of water inside after a shower.

David Talbot – UK

“Best thing I ever did was purchase a cast protector fir my lower leg . Easy to put on, comfortable AND waterproof. Sure beat the pastiche bag and miles of tape I started with and got a hole in. Thanks so much .”

Margaret Lelieveld – New Zealand

“Finally I can have a relaxing bath!! Thanks you so much bloccs, broke my foot New Year’s Day and will be in cast for around 3 months . Bought a cheaper leg protector but it just wasn’t up to the job . Finally found that I could order your short leg cast protector through boots and it arrived the next day . Finally I can have a lovely relaxing bath without worrying about my cast getting wet . Absolutely worth the money , could not be happier with it . Well done on creating such an amazing product .”


“Thank you Bloccs, it make my boy very happy to be able to make swimming… he carries a pickline for several years and thanks to blocks go in the pool  

Nancy Langlois Melvin Huard‎ – Canada

“Bloccs has saved our summer holidays Down Under! Summer in Australia Tracey Dalton

Tracey Dalton – Australia

“My mum purchased a child’s full arm protector for my daughter who broke her arm just before Christmas. It has been a lifesaver through the Christmas & New Year period as we have been swimming nearly every day. It is easy to use, durable and completely waterproof when applied correctly. I am telling everyone I know about this product.”

Erin Barton

#savedourholiday Ready to get in the pool… broke her leg 2 weeks before we went on holiday :-( very sad till we read about bloccs! Saved Isla’s holiday :-)” 15826402_10154528193602659_976631810663935487_n 15873071_10154528190027659_8342935404097517198_n

Caroline Stolte

“2 sons, 2 broken arms. #savedourholiday as they could play in the pool without any worries” 15825783_10155649326022738_3201445959309230396_n

Joanne Unsworth

A week away with a broken elbow and the bloccs arm cover made it possible for my lil girl to enjoy the pool and have fun for hours on end…. Without it she wouldn’t of been able to go in the pool.. X #savedmyholiday 15418298_1198286943589717_1171967962571094705_o

Lisa Morley

“Saved once again by the fantastic Bloccs . Last year louis spent the summer holiday with his broken wrist in cast , this year it will be his 11th Birthday & Christmas with his broken foot in cast” 15327377_1461267530554896_8542449497753388_n

Michelle Glenister

“OK…Harry broke his arm the day before catching the ferry for 2 weeks in France. A holiday where everyday would be spent on and in the water…we were so upset!..Fracture clinic recommend an alternative brand. Luckily i looked at all products and ordered both…next day from Amazon. If i’d had listened to the nurse then no way was that cast staying dry. However, your product was awesome, 100% holiday saver. Jumping off rock, paddle boarding, swimming and snorkling…he could do it all. Thanks to you guys…well done.” 14692196_10155279124064692_8693836287052616269_o 14753704_10155279157579692_2702853035562157723_o

Carl Sawyer

“I can’t recommend these protectors enough, my son broke his arm just before our summer holiday and I bought two just in case we damaged one but i can honestly say it’s been tested throughout our holiday. This is Elliott enjoying the pool. My husband managed to slice his finger open whilst we were away, so having a spare made them a right pair!” 14249818_10208602165029605_4122028285994248966_o 14249877_10208602156869401_1698519887992160253_o

Rachel Green

“Thanks Bloccs for saving our first family holiday together after our 1 year old broke her elbow.” 14233831_10100295971305162_766136299_o 14233694_10100295970661452_613318981_o

Leanne Pochin

“Your product saved our holiday. Thanks to you, our daughter was able to do everything on our holiday to Orlando including going on all the water slides and swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove.” imogen-bamber-discovery-cove imogen-bamber

Richard Bamber

“Thank you all very much Liam broke his arm for the second time this year and you saved a lot of tears. He did everything his brother did. We used it in the sea in Denmark at Lego land in the spa and in Tenby. It was used a lot.” 14191625_10153920766915835_1143883698_o 14191866_10153920766935835_4298920_o


“My son was most upset that he wouldn’t be able to swim whilst on holiday but thanks to bloccs here he is He was still able to enjoy the pool” wendy-19-08-16


” What a fantastic product and service from Bloccs. We were all gutted when AJ broke his arm playing rugby three weeks before our holiday and that he would be in a cast until we returned. We were given a leaflet for Bloccs from the hospital and we went ahead and ordered an arm cover, which arrived so quickly. We successfully tested out his new arm cover at our local pool and we were all set for our hols. The Bloccs cover gave AJ the freedom to enjoy the pool as much as anyone else. We would have had such a bored fed up teenager without it. Fantastic.” 20160817_143016

Sharon Johnson

“Terrific, the sleeve arrived in the post today. Perfect when it was so hot and continuing over Christmas and beyond. My grandson was shouting….yes, yes, yes, yes…..when he saw the package. 70 minutes later he climb d out of our pool, and said…..nana this is better than chocolate. Was incredibly easy to put on his arm over the plaster and he had no problems with the fitting or comfort. Absolutely the best thing we have known about and highly recommend it’s use and effectiveness. One very happy and dry grandson!!”

Gail (Australia)

“We bought one of your leg protectors when my partner had knee surgery after a bike accident earlier this year and it worked beautifully to enable him to take a shower. Then just before Christmas I had knee replacement surgery, so your excellent leg protector came into service again. It was easy to use and completely effective. Thank you.”

Kate Corwyn

“Just to add to the many fantastic parent reviews…same scenario, water mad 6 year old brakes his wrist 3 days before a big family holiday to Tenerife. Hospital recommends another product (why is not every parent handed a marketing leaflet from you by hospitals!?), which was maybe splash proof, certainly not submersible. Thankfully after some additional research I found Bloccs, paid the extra, you shipped next morning as promised and a family holiday was, as you can see in the photo, wonderfully enjoyed by him and his sister. It was worn for hours and never let in any moisture – a brilliant design. Please keep thinking what other products you could bring to the market!”   claire-01-11-16-new-check-box


“3 days before my flight to France I fell and badly injured my left leg. I found Bloccs on the Internet and ordered a leg protector. As time was running out I paid for special delivery and was devastated when I found that the protector was much too large. I dashed off a disgruntled e-mail to Bloccs as my holiday hopes for swimming, etc., were or so I thought – gone. Enter Hannah Prickett!!! She rang immediately she received my e-mail and arranged for two items to be delivered on the morning of my flight by special delivery. These promptly arrived before 9.00a.m. One was ideal and yes my holiday was saved.  Hannah provided the best Customer Service I have received in years.”

Janet Birkins

“Thank you Bloccs for making sure we could enjoy the hot tub despite a broken finger! What a fantastic product….providing peace of mind that the cast will be dry while you enjoy yourself!”   em-photo-28-10-16


“Following a cycling accident I lost a chunk of skin from my leg and the Doctor said I couldn’t get my leg wet during my holiday (even after 7 weeks recovery) Devastated, a colleague searched online and found Bloccs. It was a lifesaver! A keen swimmer, I was amazed that not only could I dip in and out of the pool and shower with ease, I could do 50 lengths of the pool and my leg remained completely dry!!  I can’t recommend your product highly enough, everyone at the resort was amazed too!”


Elaine Hart

“Our son age 5 broke his leg 10 days before our holiday to Tenerife. We were in 2 minds whether to go or not, what fun would he have? We decided to buy your leg protector and decided to go! We were so glad we did. He had an amazing time and was in and out the pool daily for hours. Thank you so much!”

Kelly Felton-Moore

“Our daughter fractured her wrist 5 days before our holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida and was put in a cast. We were devastated that she would miss out on all the fun but then we discovered Bloccs. This product is absolutely fantastic and it saved our holiday completely. She wore it for swimming at the water parks and in the pool over a 2-week period and it never let a drop of water in on any of the occasions, cast stayed totally dry, we were amazed. It really is watertight and very reliable. She also wore it on all the water rides and it was very useful for this. Thank you so much to Bloccs who advised us on a suitable fitting and arranged next day delivery with no fuss at all. If you find yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to use this product we can’t recommend it enough.”

Lynsey Field

“Such an amazing product!  With just less than 48 hours before we were due to fly on holiday, our son broke his wrist.  Bloccs were so helpful in helping us select the right size and due to our timescales, allowing us to collect direct from their site.  The protector allowed our son to enjoy his holiday in the sea and pool, just as he would have done normally. Thank you all so much!” Brett, Emma and Charlie Mitchell

Brett, Emma and Charlie Mitchell

“Your Bloccs Child Arm Protector saved our family holiday when our 13 year old son broke his arm just before we flew abroad. With the arm protector he was able to go swimming in our pool and the sea with his arm in a plaster cast. Wonderful invention that worked perfectly – not a drop of water got through to our amazement! Our son would have been miserable without it. Thank you.”  

Frances Wood

“Thank you so much Bloccs as you can see a broken arm didn’t stop William swimming or in the sea on holiday Sian Marriott 26.08.16  

Sian Marriott

“A HUGE Thank you for saving our holiday in Greece – my 13 year old was devastated when she broke her ankle 6 days before we flew but thanks to her fabulous cast cover she discovered she could even enjoy jumping into the sea with confidence       Alison Wright 21.08.16    

Alsion Wright

“SYMPLY FANTASTIC ! My son utilized the bloccs for a forearm fracture. He was able to protect the arm along the summer vacation without any problem. He swimmed every day in Sicily and he was able to do some snorkeling !! THANKS ! THANKS ! THANKS! The bloccs showed no scratches, no holes, ho leakages during the use at the seaside and the sea !!”

Giuseppe Leonardi

“When my 16 yr old son broke his arm a week before we were due to go on holiday, I was initially concerned he would not be able to join in with the arm in a cast, however I promptly ordered his arm cover, it came the next day & I am to my own surprise happy to report that it has withstood 4 days of surfing/ body boarding in decent conditions, cannot recommend enough ! Holiday saved x”

Karen Tait

“This worked a treat for our 4 year old on holiday! She had surgery on her hand a couple of weeks before going away and needed to keep the wound clean and the splint dry -the short arm cover worked a treat! Not a drop of water got in!”


Joanne Hendry “Thank you Bloccs, for an awesome cast cover! My son broke his arm a week before we went on holiday, he thought it was the end of the world! But thanks to this cast cover, he was able to do everything his twin brother did!”

Joanne Hendry

Bought a child’s arm protector for my daughter. We have just returned from a 2 week summer beach holiday. The protector was fantastic. It kept the cast completely dry whilst swimming in the pool in the sea and on the water rides. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you it really made a huge difference to our holiday.

Gill Caley

Thank you Bloccs! Sam is having a fantastic time and enjoying his holiday to the full after breaking his arm 3 days into the school holidays ! Fantastic product!!Katie Garratt 19.08.16

Katie Garratt

“This is absolutely superb! Purchased it when I fractured my wrist, easy to put on and totally waterproof ! You can bath, shower, or swim to your hearts content, absolute life saver !”

Kathryn Matthews

“Discovering BLOCS for my broken wrist was an absolute life-saver. Life became more normal again and I was able to lead a more normal life. Thank you very much BLOCS.”

Isobel Ashford

“My 6 year old son broke his wrist 2 days into the summer holidays. Thanks to his Bloccs cover he has been jumping in the paddling pool, having fun on the beach and enjoying water fights with his brothers. Being such an active little boy the Bloccs cover is fantastic and it is very comfortable for him even for a few hours at a time. Thank you Bloccs you saved our summer holiday!”

Jennifer Buskell

“Thank you bloccs for saving our holiday after my 12 year old son broke his arm a week before going to Majorca. Your product is amazing!”   Pamela Grylls Nesbit 18.08.16

Pamela Grylls Nesbit

“As if we’d let a broken arm spoil our Summer holidays! Thank you Bloccs for saving the (holi)day!” KL Fisher 16.08.16

KL Fisher

“Can not thank the creators and designers at Bloccs enough. My daughter broke her arm 10 days before flying out to Spain to an Aquamania resort where her one andonly goal was swim all day. The cover was an absolute holiday saver and I have told everyone about them and will continue to do so. She swam all day every day and even did a bit of jumping in too! Thank you so much to everyone at Bloccs.”   Emily Sargent 12.08.16

Emily Sargeant

“We purchased a small boy full arm cast cover. To say it saved Leo’s holiday is an understatement as he did everything he would have normally have done on holiday. We would like to thank the manufacturers for making the product and would definitely recommend it to anybody it lasted the whole 2 weeks and we have kept in case we ever need it again.”   Adrian Freer 1 Adrian Freer 2

Adrian Freer

“Thank you again for sending it all the way to Portugal, it allowed my daughter Mala to carry on enjoying her holiday”   Clark Curley Mala 09.08.16 - bloccs

Clark Curley

“Bought one after my son broke his arm just before holiday and it was a god send ! He could do everything as normal so didn’t ruin the holiday for him – excellent product !!”

Rob Campion

“Such a fantastic product!! My 3 year old son broke his leg just before our summer holiday but by using Bloccs leg cast protector, he could swim every day, bathe and sit on the beach with absolutely no worry about his cast becoming wet! Such a relief and cannot recommend this product highly enough. Thank you!”

Lisa Brumwell

“Thank you , thank you , thank you! When my son re broke his arm 5 days before our holiday and was operated on we thought he would never be able to swim. It has been fantastic!”

Helen Seickell

“Brilliant, I could not have managed with out it.”

Rita Arliss

“Brilliant product. Does exactly what it promises. A holiday saver!”

Kulsum Ali

“I am so very impressed with the product and the service. Hannah Prickett responded to my query in the same afternoon. I am very impressed with the level of service offered by the Bloccs team, this company deserves your business.”

Nicola Orr-Campbell

“Hello, we want to thank you for your very good product. My son of 4 broke his elbow during our holiday in Italy. With temperatures of 34 it is very nice for him that he can swim. You gave him a reason to put a smile on his face again. We met a Spanish lady that gave us the name of your product. We ordered it and two days later it was on our holiday destination in Italy. He can swim with it. His fear that the cast will be wet is away. So thank you for saving his and our holiday.”


“This summer we were on holiday at sea and my 4 year old daughter broke her right wrist. thank to Bloccs she has continued to go to the beach and swim.”      


“They saved the 2 week holiday for my little girl. She broke both her wrists 4 days before we left for our summer holiday. We had a private house with swimming pool and the beach 5 minutes away. She was so unhappy until we found these amazing protectors. She was swimming in both the pool and beach every day and was not wet once. They were a godsend and I would highly recommend them for everybody.”   Amy Gruener

Amy Gruener

“Ryan injured his elbow and we thought his Summer fun was over! We are so thankful for BLOCCS. This product is amazing. BLOCCS cast protectors are leak-proof and can be submerged in water. Thank you for allowing Ryan to enjoy his Summer!”
foto_no_exif (1)

Coleen Callaghan

“Amazing !!! Our little one Ava can enjoy Her holidays. Thank you so much”   Barbara Benchimol                                                

Barbara (Switzerland)

“Worked a treat x” foto_no_exif  

Ewan MacKenzie

“Thank you so much your product is truly amazing. 1 week before our holiday my daughter broke her wrist. The first concern of hers wasn’t how much pain she was in but whether she could swim on holiday. I came across your product online and purchased two one for the pool and one for the shower !! Talk about saving my holiday, if I didn’t have this my daughter would of been truly upset by not being able to go in the pool or sea!!!!! Your recent Award is most deserved!!!” Carolyn Anderson 30.07.16

Carolyn Anderson

“I just wanted to say a big thank you as the arm cover enabled my 6 year old to enjoy swimming in the pool and sea during our holiday. We were horrified when we realised a broken wrist might mean she would miss out on all the fun on our forthcoming holiday however, this was certainly not the case, it was ‘business as usual’!”


Thank you Bloccs for making my holiday possible.   Tania Murphy 29.07.16

Tania Murphy

I wanted to let everyone know that this product really works. My little girl was so happy that she could actually swim with it.   Ciska Kemmers 20.07.16

Ciska Kemmers (Netherlands)

Kirsty Fountain 1 17.06.16 Kirsty Fountain 17.06.16 “Thank you for saving our holiday! We phoned up from the hospital in a bit of a panic and you had the cast protector delivered to us the next morning, ready for holiday the same day. I really don’t know how we would have managed without it.  Eleanor had waited two months to take her tail on holiday and try it out in the pool. Thanks to her cast protector she still got to be a mermaid. Holiday saved! Thank you.”    

Kirsty Fountain

“This has got to be the best life saver ever, my daughter broke her ankle 5 days before our holiday, the cover made it so she could swim in our villa pool she was in the water every day for a whole week and it stayed perfectly dry, before we discovered your product we were considering cancelling our holiday, but we went and had a super time thanks to the Bloccs cover.” Debra Kelsall 26.07.16.docx Debra Kelsall 2 26.07.16.docx

Debra Kelsall

Twitter picture 25.07.16 Thank you @Bloccswater and @dhlexpressuk for saving our summer holiday. Broken foot no problem! Fast delivery!

Gaute Madsen

“This product saved our beach vacation. My 10 year old daughter broke her arm and had a full arm cast almost to her shoulder. I ordered another name brand from another fast delivery site according to her measurements and it was too big and didn’t create a good suction even though it had a pump . Just for the heck of it and to have a backup my mother decided to order this one. My daughter is 51″. Her broken arm circumference was 9″. She’s relatively thin. My mom bought the half arm large cover. IT WORKED WONDERFUL!!! I cut a think stocking and covered the cast first to avoid any sharp edges tearing the cover (although the cover is really durable and thick) and then we put the cover on. We didn’t stick it on water to burp it, we just squeezed out the air and it worked perfectly. She swam, jumped waves, used it in the shower. It was truly a vacation/summer/bathtime saver!! THANK YOU!!” 


“Fabulous! I was able to have my first shower in nearly a week – heaven! It was easy to put on and effective.”

Claire Bridges

My four-year-old broke her arm on the first day of summer, and we were so bummed. My neighbor bought us the Bloccs protector, and I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first. We tried playing in the backyard sprinkler first, and it kept it totally dry. So we decided to try the pool, and it was amazing! The protector totally sealed on her arm and kept her cast completely dry so she could enjoy summer!

Erin Marken

“We bought two of the lower leg covers after my son broke his foot four days before our summer holiday.
Have not got enough praise for these covers they totally saved my sons holiday.”

Jonathan Rhead

“Bloccs cast protector was fabulous. my son broke his arm just before our seaside holiday. The Bloccs arm cast protection was completely waterproof, put to the test by a jumping, snorkeling 7 year old! we did cover the cast with an old sock so as not to scrape the rubber.”


Last Aug in South Padre Island, Texas,  Adriana was able to enjoy our vacations at the beach thanks to BLOCCS.

Beatriz Ulibarri (Mexico)

“Three weeks before a holiday to Turkey, our child sustained triple fractures to Tib and Fib – prior to discovering the cast covers I had anticipated cancelling the holiday. As you can see from the picture, the cover enabled us to still go on holiday, and facilitated Joe in enjoying the pool as he would have done normally. As a Qualified Nurse, I am aware of the importance of not breaching a plaster in terms of its sustained stability – to aid continuous splinting of the healing fracture .. In the case of my child this was of significant importance as Joe was non weight bearing and in a wheelchair – with multiple fractures at the time if our holiday. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Bloccs cover – it was our holiday savior !!!” Kerry Lyons 2 30.06.16Kerry Lyons 30.06.16

Kerry Lyons

“Absolutely fantastic product. Easy to use and works a treat. Completely waterproof and a godsend. No longer does a cast have to hinder you in a wet environment, be it the shower or any water activity. Good quality product worth every penny.”


“About 2 weeks ago I had tarsal tunnel syndrome surgery at my right foot with a ~12 cm scar which had to be protected strictly from water to avoid any infection by bacteria/viruses. The waterproof short leg cover worked very well and I always was sure that my wound didn’t get wet. I had to wear an air walker (no cast) which made it more difficult to put on the cover because it was larger than an ordinary cast. But the cover was elastic enough and didn’t rupture.”

Heidrun Heidebreck, Germany

“I was shown one of your leaflets, while attending outpatient’s department at The Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales, on a follow up appointment about my Full Knee Replacement. I came home and ordered the adult full leg protector, two day’s later I’m standing in my shower cubicle having a full shower, with my knee and the dressings fully protected from water damage. As a 63yr old male who likes to shower every day, your full leg protector gives you back your Personal Hygiene Independence. SO! for me, it’s just not a Cast Protector, but a Protector of All Dressings, that have to be kept FULLY DRY. Thank you Bloccs, thank you for giving me, my independence back, I’m truly grateful to your company.”

John Tew

“I bought this product a few weeks ago, it works brilliantly, easy to use, would definitely recommend it.”


“On behalf of my wife I would like to thank you for your excellent product. My wife told after a knee procedure not to shower for 2 weeks. She was in despair. Then we found BLOCCS limb protector: it was easy to put on and kept the knee totally dry.  She could not have been more thrilled at being able to shower whenever she liked.”


“The arm protector we bought for our 3 year old son after he broke his arm meant he could go in the swimming pool when on holiday two weeks later. Fantastic product. Thank you very much!”

Simon Matthews

“Brilliant product, they did not leak at all, really easy to use, allowed my daughter to continue with all her water activities including the swimming pool, the sea (body boarding) worn under a wet suit and good for keeping sand out on the beach. worked where other makes failed.”

Debbie Dixon

“Fabulous product and quick delivery saved the day when I broke my ankle a fortnight before my holiday. No concerns about going in the water or showering.”

Julia Yates

“My 4 year old son broke his elbow in the middle of August & 2 weeks before a family surfing trip to Tofino. The full arm cast cover provided all the waterproofing we needed for him to still enjoy swimming, jumping off the boat and surfing! Thank you!”


“Our ten year old broke his arm just before we set off for our summer beach holiday in Italy. Without the Bloccs cast protector he would not have been able to go in the sea and our holiday would have been ruined. The Blocc protector was totally functional – great design, easy to use, perfectly waterproof and allowed my son to swim as normal. If you are searching for a solution to a similar problem – I would highly recommend this one. Others look too bulky and impractical.”

Hilary Simpson

“Absolutely brilliant idea. My son broke his arm 10 days before holiday to Cyprus and would have been lost without this to allow him to go swimming. Worth its weight in gold in those circumstances.”

Sue Wigfield

“I ordered a blocc cast protector for my daughter who broke her hand. We were going on holiday and I really didn’t like the thought of her not being able to go in the sea or swimming pool. This product enabled my daughter to enjoy our holiday, she was able to swim in the sea, play in the pool and it even kept the sand out.
The cast remained completely dry, and the blocc stayed strong, it didn’t wear.
I highly recommend this product!
Thank you bloccs!”


“We got both the short and the long leg for my wife who had broken her ankle. We used the long leg one which allowed her to bathe in the pool without problems. Great delivery to Singapore without problems. Would really recommend.”


“Bloccs arm sheath was fantastic. It made bath/ shower time sooo easy and my son wanted to continue swimming- it was better than Physio during his time in plaster. The Blocc also kept him swimming once out of plaster as he had protruding wires. Again helping his own Physio recovery.”


“Following my discharge from hospital for a broken ankle, I was given a BLOCCs leaflet when I was having a new plaster put on. I looked at the Boots brand waterproof protectors, but these didn’t seem as substantial as BLOCCS – and collecting from Boots wasn’t possible as I couldn’t get out of the house! So I ordered a BLOCCS and it arrived the next day and I could finally have a bath! Bliss. Thank you BLOCCS.”

Caroline Frances-King

“Fantastic piece of kit, well worth the price. Lasted us 4 weeks and still in great condition”

Jill Innes

“I have been using Bloccs for literally years and highly recommend them. Just be careful swimming in the sea with a leg one as it is difficult to let the air out in the waves, and you will then have trouble standing up from a swimming position: especially as you will be laughing so much! Great efficient and lasting product.”

John Duke Harris

“What a wonderful find. Realising I needed a second operation on my foot I was determined to find something to help me shower daily and my Bloccs protector fitted the bill exactly. It was so easy to use saved me time, effort and money would absolutely recommend it. By far my best purchase this year.”

Maggie Fisher

“My daughter broke her arm just before the holidays. With Bloccs she was able to swim in Italy! It worked like a charm! Our Doctors did not tell us about this possibility! That was a real shame!”

Katrijn Bamps

“My son (age 3) broke his arm, we needed a cover asap for baths. My friend recommended bloccs and I ordered a full arm cover. The cover didn’t arrive and I called bloccs who sent a replacement without argument along with a return envelope, should the original arrive. It arrived the next day – along with the original (Royal mail delay) it was great and my son was able to enjoy the bath again!”

Amy Carter

Ordered on Friday afternoon and delivered 12 Noon on Saturday. Very good service. Hoping to get cast off on next Tuesday and put the protector in ‘cold storage’ and hope that I will never need it again. I waited 80 years to break a bone!

Alex Esdale

  “broken hand wake-surfing”   Kendra Earle  07.09.15

Kendra Earle (Canada)

My son had it on when he broke his wrist during Prudential Ride London Cycling race last year. Cheered him up massively when he knew he could still swim in the sea during holiday with Bloccs on to cover the cast. It’s very blue!! We can spot him easily!! Lol x  Thank you for your brilliant product. Bloccs is like a hero for patients with cast on.   Nancy Durham 16.04.16  

Nancy Durham

Thank you for such an amazing product ❤️❤️❤️ Our 3 year old loved her holiday all because she could still swim Emma Plummer 10.03.16Emma Plummber1 10.03.16

Emma Plummber

Wonderful product. Gave my son total protection for broken arm on a holiday that involved a lot of swimming, including slides at a water park. Absolute Godsend for us.

Dr Nigel Nicholson

“I am the Secretary of a Swimming Club and from time to time we have athletes who break limbs, but need to keep in the water for limited training. My son recently broke his wrist, a week before a swim camp in Spain, we ordered your product which was delivered next day, and I cannot recommend it enough. He swam twice a day for the whole week and it did not leak once. I am just about to recommend your webiste to another one of our swimmers who has just broken her arm.

With best wishes”

Julie, Swimming Club Secretary

Worked brilliantly – visited Center Parcs with our 10 year old, and didn’t leak at all despite several hours of daily swimming, including diving down to the bottom. Make sure you follow the instructions.

Derek Ward

Our daughter broke her arm a couple of weeks before we were due to go away. I can’t recommend the BLOCCS cast covers strongly enough. We used it several times a day (often for longer than the recommended time) and in 2 weeks the cast did not get a drop of water on it. You made a 6 year old girls holiday – without it I think we would have cancelled. We did take 2 but only needed one – only comment from my little girl was “they should make these in pink as well!” Thank you & well done on a brilliant product.

Anita Berry

My 5 years kid broke his arm just 3 days departing for vacations in the beach..We visited 5 pharmacies iin Barcelona specialized and in all of them there were not options for him to be able to swim in the pool or beach. Through internet we get to know about bloccs.. a company in Vitoria (Spain) and they sent it the day after. Is amazing the way it works, it is perfect for kids that want to still enjoy their vacations even with bad luck! THank you very much for this great product and please increase your awareness since there are so many parents with no options for a situation like this.

Maria Jesus larrey

I am an active 50yr old competing in a number of cycling sportives throughout the years, as well as swimming, running and walking, and have developed interest in triathlon. You can imagine the psychological frustration following snapping my Achilles tendon while running in my last triathlon, as this resulted in an operation and being in a cast for over 8 weeks. I went from being active on a daily basis to zero exercise, being dependant on crutches I became totally disempowered! Following contacting BLOCCS I was able to return to swimming, it was a sanity saver, once I arranged transport. I used the product 3-4 times a week for a mile swim, plus a few sets, at a time with the use of a pull buoy to aid hip/leg buoyancy. DURATION-45mins -60 mins session-Swimming crawl. FREQUENCY-3-4 times a wk. Slight dampness to top and btm(toes) cast dressing, not the actual cast but the dressing occurred, but I’m convinced this was mostly due to sweat not leakage. I solved this by a little talcum powder to my toes and at the top of cast prior to wearing the cast protector. Sitting on the edge of the pool and squeezing the air out of the protector allows it to fit reasonably tight to the cast, minimising the balloon effect. My pool sessions were only up to an hour at a time but I wouldn’t hesitate using it for longer sessions. I also used it when camping at a very muddy festival, marshalling at a tri event in torrential rain, a boat trip in the rain and of course showering and bathing. I have been 100% satisified with this product and have posted details on three facebook/forums I belong to and have been an advocate of your product, I have been approached on a number of occasions and have recommended your product.

Andrew Butler

“We just wanted to say a very big thank you for your wonderful invention…..We had a great holiday!! We would recommend your product to anyone.”

Anita and Matt

“Just a quick note to say hugh THANK YOU for saving our 2 year old daughter’s holiday.”

Joanne and James Barker

We have just returned from ten days in eurocamp France , beach sea and swimming pools .. Even water slides . I am compelled to write and thank you so much for saving our six year olds holiday and consequently ours. Our daughter broke her arm the week before our holiday and was able to swim fully submerged, even go down the water slides ( although we probably aren’t supposed to). We kept it on a max of around an hour and apart from a tiny but of condensation it was totally dry.even after one and half hours. It’s very tight around the top of the arm understandably so you may notice that when you you first put it on. Please share this to give confidence to other parents who are about to go away with an active child to a water based place . It’s much better than the sleeve cover the Nhs recommends which is ok for showers but not much more . I am evangelical about this product . Thank you so much !!

Sarah Johnstone

“3 weeks ago I ordered a cast cover from you for my 10 year old son, who has a broken arm & was in a plaster cast. We went off to Majorca for a 2 week holiday & the cast cover was indispensable!! My son played in the pool. on the beach & even went scuba diving, all due to your product. All too often people complain about bad service but I had to email you to compliment you on your fast & efficient service. You replied to an email of mine straight away & the cover arrived in the post the next morning. I will definitely recommend your company & will use you again myself – although I hope I Won’t ever need to! Many thanks”

K Daymond

My daughter’s holiday was made due to Blocc cover. It was road tested in swimming pools and was equally water tight when jumping the waves. Thanks you for a fantastic invention.

Kathleen Wiseman

Wow Wow Wow…. what a FANTASTIC product I have a leg ulcer which I have to wear a special Class III stocking on for 23 hours a day I have just returned from 1 16 night holiday to Dubai which was A1!! I bought a short leg protector so I could enjoy my holiday…. which I did!! The protector kep my leg BONE DRY!!! I was in the water (sea and pool) at LEAST FIVE times a day It was fantastic and I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND BLOCCS Protectors Go and buy one as it was very durable and comfortable to wear

Ann Marie

fractured wrist, 30 degrees…no problem

Customer feedback

“May I just say, what a brilliant piece of equipment this is. Does all it says. A very big thank you.”

Susan, Berkshire

My daughter broke her arm (Supracondylar humerus fracture) a week before we was going abroad. The waterproof full arm protector was amazing and completely saved our holiday!! The sleeve didn’t leak once and we used this on and off about 3-4 times a day for 10 days until the seal had stretched too much. We ordered another to come by airmail which only took 6 days to arrive at our hotel. Would recommend to anyone! Thankyou Bloccs


“I just want to say how great your product is and how grateful I was to have it while on a family holiday in Portugal.  My 6 year old fell and broke his arm but having a Bloccs protector meant he could go in the pool and to the beach with his brother and sister and we didn”t have to worry about his cast getting wet. Fab product,  thanks a million”

Susan O’Sullivan

“FANTASTIC! arrived today;swam in pool,totally waterproof;totally BRILLIANT!A++++”

Web Feedback

“I recently purchased a short arm cover for my six year old daughter, who had broken her arm. We were going on holiday and had specifically rented a villa with a pool for our children. With the cover on her arm my daughter was able to fully enjoy the pool- she jumped in, swam around, pretended she was a fish! – without one drop of water reaching her cast. Your product rescued our holiday and without it we would have had a very unhappy child on our hands. I would recommend you product to anyone who was in a similar circumstance. I would also commend you for your prompt service. Thank you very much”

J Powell

“I don’t think you could do anymore, ‘Excellent’ it meant my little boy had a good holiday”

Web Feedback

To enable my daughter to bathe while wearing a cast is priceless! Fab product :)”

Web Feedback

“I would like to thank you for your product and service, I don’t know how I would have coped without it”

Web Feedback

“Thank you so much for such quick despatch . I received my parcel today. I am delighted with your product and the quick delivery too – I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow! Thanks again.”

Barbara Gayfer

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your fantastic product. Our 10 year old son broke his wrist 4 days before we were due to come away on our very much anticipated summer holiday to Gran Canaria. After thinking that we couldnt get away due to his fracture, then his surgery, only to find out that he had the all clear to fly; we then thought long and hard about if we should cancel anyway, due to the fact that he would have to sit on the side of the pool for the duration of the two weeks! Luckily after a google search, we came across your product and ordered two for the holiday. The first time he went in the pool we were understandably nervous about if it was going to work or not, however, after the first couple of times in, we knew we could trust it to keep his cast clean and dry. We havent needed to open the second one, as the first one has lasted so well, and it has honestly made the difference between a normal family holiday and one that would have been a very different experience without protectacast. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

Mark Glencorse

“Service from you has been great, just when I feel miserable as I play hockey and a broken scaphoid means a ruined season unfortunately at least I will now at least be able to go swimming!!”

Lorna Harris

Thank you – your delivery was faster than your e-mail! That’s service for you…. the Bloccs protector arrived on Saturday. Thank you very much for your super speedy service.”

Steve and Vicky Sullivan

“My 11 year old son broke his arm 2 days before we were due to go on holiday, I ordered a full arm cover from you on Friday afternoon for a Saturday delivery. The cover arrived as requested on Saturday morning. My son was over the moon he went in the pool every day he also did various pool activities with the kids club and his cast remained completely dry. Excellent product, excellent service.”

Dave Burns

“I just wanted to send a quick mail to let you know that the Bloccs protector that we ordered recently was fantastic and made my daugther’s holiday so enjoyable, without it there would have been no swimming having broken her arm a week before our holiday. Thanks very much, I will recommend to anyone in a similar situation!”

Pippa Swinbank

Just wanted to email to say what a fantastic product the arm cover is. We are just back from a weekend at Center Parcs and my son was able to swim and go on the water slides. Being able to join in the activities in the pool made his weekend and he had a great holiday”

Angela Hadden

“I would just like to say a great big thanx to everyone who dealt with our order for cast protectors with your company. Your telephone staff where extremely helpful, the delivery was very fast and the product itself was fantastic. we ordered 2 arm cast protectors on mon 22nd aug. as my daughter broke both her wrists. We flew out to majorca tues 23rd aug and our cast protectors arrived at our hotel wed 24th aug around 10am. What service!! Within 1/2 an hour she was swimming around in the pool as if nothing had happened. Your product made a 5 year old girl and her family v happy and allowed her to have a great holiday. So again many thanks.”

Julie Oxley

Thanks we bought 2 arm cast covers for my daughter as she broke her arm 10 days before going to Turkey on holiday! They were fantastic she is 12 and a fantastic swimmwer she was able to jump in swim in the sea and pool under water all day long for 16 days with cast cover on we just had to change first one 3 days before the end of the holiday. It was 40 degrees out there so you can imagine if she was not able to swim or shower …thanks so much. Denice Siney.

Denice Siney

“Just wanted to thank u for your wonderful product. My son went on a school trip today and fell in the lake! His cast is still lovely and dry! He wouldnt have had half as much fun without it.


“We bought 2 short leg protectors last month as we were going on holiday, we bought 2 incase 1 of them ripped. It didnt, it was totally brilliant, it made my son of 7 have a totally fabulous holiday so thank you for that. We were totally suprised how good it was, he spent most of the holiday in and out of the water, it didnt leak, he was jumping in and even managing to swim!! brilliant thanks again.”

Vicky Baker

I am writing to say how pleased we were with the arm cover that we ordered in July. Our trip to Australia had been planned for over 12 months and included lots of swimming and snorkelling. Our son (aged 9) dislocated his elbow for the fourth time 6 days before our trip and ended up in a plaster cast. We ordered the cover 2 days before our departure and were pleased to see it arrive the following day. Thankfully he was able to fully take part in all of the planned activities and it made the holiday all the more enjoyable for the whole family. He had even been swimming in the water hole at the bottom of the Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park.

Web Feedback

wanted to contact you to say a big thank you for your great product which made such a difference to our son’s holiday. He swam, showered, played on the beach & even body-boarded with a broken wrist for 3 weeks. The cast cover was brilliant! Your telephone sales team was very helpful & the cover arrived the very next day, even by standard post. I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone in the same predicament!

Clare Newman

“I wanted to contact you to say a big thank you for your great product which made such a difference to our son’s holiday. He swam, showered, played on the beach & even body-boarded with a broken wrist for 3 weeks. The cast cover was brilliant! Your telephone sales team was very helpful & the cover arrived the very next day, even by standard post. I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone in the same predicament!”

Ian Holmes

“I am writing to say how pleased we were with the arm cover that we ordered in July. Our trip to Australia had been planned for over 12 months and included lots of swimming and snorkelling. Our son (aged 9) dislocated his elbow for the fourth time 6 days before our trip and ended up in a plaster cast. We ordered the cover 2 days before our departure and were pleased to see it arrive the following day. Thankfully he was able to fully take part in all of the planned activities and it made the holiday all the more enjoyable for the whole family. He had even been swimming in the water hole at the bottom of the Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park. Once again many thanks”

Web Feedback

I just wanted thankyou for the super arm protector that i purchased for my 7 year old girl. It saved her holiday. She loves the beach and swimming and broke her arm 4 weeks before we went on holiday. Her arm was fully casted way past her elbow and she was so upset that she couldn’t go swimming or on the beach etc. Thanks to your product she had a great time and was never out of the pool, no leaks no wet plaster, nothing! Absolutely Fantastic. In the nicest possible way I hope i never have to order one again, but i will let everyone know what a brilliant product this is! thanks again…..

Megahappy Dad

Hello Bloccs-Team, I only want to say Thank You for your really great Product!! We had a wonderful Time on the Sea. It was only possible with your great Bloccs Arm Cover! We spent Holiday on a Beach and our Son had really Fun in the Water! Best Regards from Germany

Claudia from Germany

Have just used my short arm protector for the first time – all I can say is thank you and I wish I had known about your product weeks ago. It was wonderful not to have to spend 10 minutes wrapping my cast in plastic carriers and cling film then trying to avoid getting it wet. I must admit when I first saw it I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to use – however it didn’t hinder me at all and for the first time since Christmas I enjoyed a long shower – heaven. Excellent service. Once again thank you and I will certainly tell everyone I know about your products.

Linda Hopson

It’s lovely that I can have a shower and not worry about my ankle getting wet, as I’m not allowed for ten days! I didn’t realise that things like this existed! Very good value for money! Thanks very much! Speedy delivery too!!!!

Serena Collins

Fantastic. Having waited 3 weeks for a bath it was a delight knowing water wouldn’t seep through. I will certainly recommend when I go back to hospital to have my plaster removed. Thank you

Janet Knight

Once again purchased your full length leg cover x 2. Fantastic service, would recommend your product to all those with a prosthetic leg. Fantastic product – fantastic price Many thanks

Ian Keith Bull

A product that just does what it says. It protected the cast on my broken wrist and was completely waterproof when in the shower. Perfect!


‘The cover we ordered, which was delivered to our campsite, was absolutely wonderful and really did save my son’s holiday! A fantastic product and great customer service.’

Hannah Ayres

I ordered the blocc childrens arm protector as my 11 year old daughter fractured her wrist 1 week before our holiday to Tenerife. Would highly recommend such a fab product that didn’t spoil hers or our holiday!!

Nia Griffiths

Thanks to the Bloccs leg cover I was able to go swimming. It was great to be able to keep fit and take the strain off of my other leg.

Sarah Maynard

Hi had my full leg protector arrive today and have had my first shower since my tibia tubercele osteotomy operation on Friday (4 days ago) I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this product. I have to wear a locked brace for 6 weeks so can’t bend my knee once in it so I can stand with the protector and shower !! One point is that it is slippy so to overcome this I had a towel in the shower (not covering the plug hole!! ) and this made me more confident. thank you very much

Janette pritchard

I would like to thank the Bloccs team for their fantastic customer service. After having my cover for almost 5 weeks and using every day, it developed a small leak. After one email, I received a quick response followed up by a quick investigation and a replacement cover the following day along with a lovely letter. Hopefully I will never need a cover again once my cast is removed, however I would highly recommend the product and the team for the fantastic service. It has proven to be a real life saver!

Nick baker

Brilliant product. Gets over cast easily. Very thin so can use fingers through plastic. Excellent for bathing. Brilliant product

Maxine Mulrooney

I wish the hospital had told me about the Bloccs plaster protector and I would not have spent several days messing about with useless plastic bags. At first my arm was very tender so I was rather nervous putting it on but once I followed your instructions it really was very easy and totally waterproof of course. I am 74 year old woman and I had broken my wrist.

Una Warren

The Blocc arm protector saved our holiday. Even though it said it shouldn’t be used for snorkelling it worked extremely well – no leakage and my dressing kept perfectly dry. Make sure you read the instructions!

Michael Buckman

This is an excellent invention! My son broke his wrist the week before we were going on holiday and I could of cried. We had paid for him to do swimming lessions from September last year and all I could think was he wont even be able to go near the pool incase it go wet! The Bloccs waterproof cover changed everthing! It kept the cast fry everytime he was in the swimming pool.

Adele May

A product that really works, exactly as promoted. Highly recommended! Our little daughter broke her hand just 3 weeks ago, the first day of our vacations in Greece. On top of the ordeal with doctors and hospitals, the little one was devastated because she was afraid she would lose the summer… Seems trivial, but for a 6 year old, missing out the beach and pool fun, is a big deal, especially when her other two siblings were going to be constantly in the water. I searched the net for cast water proof protector and found Bloccs. I immediately wanted to try it, but unfortunately the product is not distributed in Greece and wanted something asap… So, I bought a similar product from a specialized store in Athens. A few tries and it was clear that the product wasn’t working well, offering some protection but not 100%. After 3 days it also broke in the opening from the over stretching. I decided to order Bloccs on-line and “digest” the indeed high courier costs (higher than the product it self). It worth it as the product fits perfectly and offers true water proof protection not to mention its thick enough and durable. As an added benefit it looks great, not like a zip-lock bag on your hand like others… So thank you Bloccs for saving the day!!! A few suggestions: 1. You need to find local distributors. Several people in the same condition kept asking me in the beach about where they can buy one. 2. Consider also different colors. Blue is nice, but a pink one would be spot on for girls…;) 3. DHL charges are too high!!!


This waterproof protector is the best invention ever. Shortly before our summer vacation, our daughter broke her ellbow. At the internet I came along and looked the promotional film. Then I have ordered the protector immediately, but in Germany, because I needed the protector quickly. it’s a blessing, that there is this protector, he keeps absolutely tight, you can swim and dive. if you put it on,you do it the easiest with two persons and with two straws can protect easily pull into a vacuum, so that he also bears well. this protector should be recommend to all orthopedic surgeons know really worldwide. If you ever broke your arm of leg and you warnt to take a shower or you like to swim, buy a bloccs waterproof protector, it works!

Yvonne Scherer

I love your short leg protector! It allows me to swim in our pool when I can’t have water on my leg! Thank you! My only suggestion is it would be nice if you made one for your leg that had openings at both ends, so your foot could be outside of the cover. This would also take care of the slipping in the shower.

Suzy Mating

“We would highly recommend your company, efficient sales staff, delivery service and product”

Web feedback

Absolutely Ideal

Mrs. Jackie Forsythe

Becky Burt 05.05.18   Fractured elbow just 2 weeks before our First Holiday Abroad and with a villa with our very own pool which we had booked to hopefully get the girls swimming!!! The Bloccs sleeve saved us from having one upset little girl and having to watch her little sister have all the fun. Thank you    

Becky Burt

Natalie Kontakos - 22.07.18 One happy kid who can compete in the swim meet! (plus canoeing, kayaking..)#savedourvacation #bloccs  

Natalie Kontakos – US

Jenna Burke 20.07.18 Enjoying a splash! #savedmyholiday #1stholiday

Jenna Burke – UK

  Andrea Dini 19.07.18 Useful!!! Saved our holidays! My 4 years son has broken his left foot!!
Viareggio, ITALY
 On Sea shore!!

Andrea – Italy

Christine Jankowski 04.07.18 Bloccs made it possible for my 15 month old, who loves the water, to enjoy the beginning of summer!

Christine Jankowski – USA

  Dimitar Drumev 18.06.18 The cast protector really helped me on our family  holiday at Moravske Toplice, Slovenia. Highly recommended for active people who do not wish to spend their days stranded home in the summer heat. Looks cool too :)    

Dimitar Drumev – Slovenia

Luigi Savino 10.06.18 Marco Flying

Luigi Savino – Italy

Pauline Broom - 23.05.18 This genuinely saved our holiday.  Three days before our swelteringly hot Broome beach/pool holiday our daughter broke her finger and had a cast put on.  In desperation I bought this cover and hoped for the best.  If in doubt just get one – it will save your holiday, it was absolutely water tight and comfortable! Just do it and take the pain out of a cast! Just another day at the beach with my cast!

Pauline – Australia

Fantastic product, bought 2 leg cast protectors some years ago, my husband used for 14 weeks and other family members have since used them. Could not find anything in Australia at the time with same quality and fit. Thank you for a great product.

Ruth – Australia

Angela Sibbald 01.04.18 #savedourholiday #bloccs in sunny Tenerife! No stopping this one with a fractured thumb in cast in the pool or at the water park!

Angela Sibbald – UK

Dancing Diva

Thank you! It works a treat and fits perfectly. I would recommend it.



Does exactly what it says on the tin, kept my forearm cast bone dry when bathing or showering.


B. M. Cole

This was a brilliant help after breaking my arm I was able to shower without getting my plaster wet.


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