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Short Leg Covers

Bloccs protectors are easily stretched over your cast to make a watertight seal.  Measure around the leg 1 to 2 inches above your cast to find the best size of cover.

Sizes can vary by +/- 2.5cm/1in

Short Leg Covers
Short Leg - Adult
Adult (P6374)
Length: 66cm/26in
Circumference: From 29.5cm to 49cm (11.5in -19.5in)
Small Short Leg - Child
Child (Age 1-3) (P6375/S)
Length: 34cm/13.5in
Circumference: From 19cm to 31cm (7.5in to 12in)
Medium Short Leg - Child
Child (Age 4-9) (P6375/M)
Length: 41cm/16in
Circumference: From 21cm to 34cm (8in to 13.5in)
Large Short Leg - Child
Child (Age 10-14) (P6375/L)
Length: 50cm/20in
Circumference: From 21.5cm to 36cm (8.5in to 14.5in)

Customer Comments

"My son recently broke his wrist, a week before a swim camp in Spain, we ordered your product which was delivered next day, and I cannot recommend it enough.  He swam twice a day for the whole week and it did not leak once."

Julie, Swimming Club Secretary