Waterproof Short Arm Cover

woman in a dressing gown wearing a bloccs arm cast protector


WATERPROOF REUSABLE PROTECTORS are made from soft flexible rubber and are designed to protect a CAST, BANDAGE or DRESSING from water. ADULTS & CHILDREN with an arm or hand injury such as fractures, burns ulcers and wounds, can enjoy SWIMMING, SHOWERING or BATHING as they normally would and with absolute confidence.

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Easily stretched over a cast or dressing a smooth SKIN-TIGHT WATERPROOF SEAL should form around the ARM. Bloccs have a similar seal as to those used in DRY SUITS, which prevents water penetrating the cast or dressing allowing the limb to be COMPLETELY IMMERSED.

As well as showering and bathing the covers can also be used at the BEACH, LAKE, SWIMMING POOL or at home in the PADDELING POOL. We are often told that a Bloccs waterproof cast cover has SAVED OUR HOLIDAY allowing adults and children to carry on enjoying the water even with an INJURY.

To choose the most suitable size of protector please refer to the SIZING CHART. The protector needs to cover the cast or dressing and have a comfortable SKIN-TIGHT SEAL around the ARM. The correct circumference is vital for a WATERTIGHT SEAL. The length can be longer than measured. To achieve the best fit please consider both adult and child sizes. Age ranges are for guidance only.

If you are going on HOLIDAY, why not order TWO Bloccs protectors? WINNER of the 2019 'Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade'. Manufactured in the UK in accordance with the ISO 9001.

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packaging for short arm adult bloccs cast protector

Adult Short Arm Cast Cover

Product Code: ASA70
EAN (barcode): 5060295740000


Alison M Collier

Didn't think I was going to be able to have a shower while I had my plaster cast on. This was brilliant.

star rating


packaging for small short arm child bloccs cast protector

Child Short Arm Cast Cover (Small)

Product Code: CSA71-S
EAN (barcode): 5060295740017



This protector allowed her to swim as much as she liked, and remained fully waterproof throughout.

star rating


packaging for medium short arm child bloccs cast protector

Child Short Arm Cast Cover (Medium)

Product Code: CSA71-M
EAN (barcode): 5060295740024


Lucy V

I got this and it was brilliant. My daughter swam every day and even jumped and dived in the water.

star rating


packaging for large short arm child bloccs cast protector

Child Short Arm Cast Cover (Large)

Product Code: CSA71-L
EAN (barcode): 5060295740031



This Bloccs was fantastic and we had the holiday we planned after all.

star rating