Krótka oslona na reke

woman in a dressing gown wearing a bloccs arm cast protector


ProtectaCast latwo rozciaga sie na gipsie tworzac wodoodporna oslone. W celu dobrania odpowiedniego rozmiaru, zmierz obwód reki okolo 2,5-5 cm nad gipsem.

Wymiary moga róznic sie od podanych +/- 2,5cm

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packaging for short arm adult bloccs cast protector


Kod produktu: ASA70
EAN (barcode): 5060295740000


Alison M Collier

Didn't think I was going to be able to have a shower while I had my plaster cast on. This was brilliant.

star rating


packaging for small short arm child bloccs cast protector

Dziecko (Wiek 1-3)

Kod produktu: CSA71-S
EAN (barcode): 5060295740017



This protector allowed her to swim as much as she liked, and remained fully waterproof throughout.

star rating


packaging for medium short arm child bloccs cast protector

Dziecko (Wiek 4-9)

Kod produktu: CSA71-M
EAN (barcode): 5060295740024


Lucy V

I got this and it was brilliant. My daughter swam every day and even jumped and dived in the water.

star rating


packaging for large short arm child bloccs cast protector

Dziecko (Wiek 10-14)

Kod produktu: CSA71-L
EAN (barcode): 5060295740031



This Bloccs was fantastic and we had the holiday we planned after all.

star rating