At Bloccs we realise how difficult it is to care for a young child with a cast or dressing.  It is essential that the cast or dressing is kept dry but your child will still want to have fun with water. The Bloccs protector will ensure that your child can still enjoy bath time or even a dip in a pool.  Easy to use and comfortable to wear, the Bloccs protector can be completely submerged when swimming with a cast. Perfect for family holidays with children. Can also be used for prosthetic limb covers or prosthetic leg covers.

There is a range of child sizes from infant to age 14.  After age 14 we suggest that the adult size is purchased.
Our covers are brightly coloured.

We can also provide "I've been brave today" stickers to plaster rooms in fracture clinic where children are being treated.  We hope our stickers might just make small children a little happier during treatment. 

If you visit a hospital where you do not see our leaflets or stickers, just let us know and we will be pleased to contact them to see if they would like some.