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Do not get your cast wet!

This is the guidance given in cast care instructions provided by hospitals to their patients.  If a cast becomes wet it will not re-set and the patient is forced to return to the hospital to have the cast replaced.

Patients will often then ask the best way to keep their cast or dressing dry. All patients would like their lives to be as normal as possible and anyone who has tried to bathe or shower wearing a cast will know how awkward and inconvenient this is.  Many patients have attempted to cover their cast with a carrier bag with disastrous results.  For families with young children the problem is even greater.  Children still want to have fun at bath time and splashing is usually essential!

The Bloccs protector has been specially designed to protect a cast or dressing to enable patients to bathe or shower as they normally would.  The Bloccs protector can even be used in a paddling pool, swimming pool or at a beach. 

Fully watertight and completely submergible, patients wearing the Bloccs protector will feel relaxed and confident in water. Hospitals can avoid the costly and time-consuming replacement of a damaged cast or dressing.

Many hospitals provide Bloccs protector leaflets to patients with their care instructions.  Patients can then simply order online or place their order by phone.  Next day delivery directly to their home is available.

If you would like to receive posters, leaflets or stickers for children for your hospital just email or fax a request to us.  We can even sponsor your care instructions for patients.

Whilst the Bloccs protector has been designed primarily to protect a cast, it can be used for a variety of applications including ongoing use for dressings for ulcerated wounds, burns, podiatry, and PICC lines.


Kerry Johnson

So handy and comfortable for kids so they can bath whilst protecting cast.



I was shown one of your leaflets, while attending outpatient's department at The Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales, on a follow up appointment about my Full Knee Replacement. I came home and ordered the adult full leg protector, two day's later I'm standing in my shower cubicle having a full shower, with my knee and the dressings fully protected from water damage. As a 63yr old male who likes to shower every day, your full leg protector gives you back your Personal Hygiene Independence. SO! for me, it's just not a Cast Protector, but a Protector of All Dressings, that have to be kept FULLY DRY. Thank you Bloccs, thank you for giving me, my independence back, I'm truly grateful to your company.

Miss L J Hopkins

Awesome result. My 11 year old still had a great time and had no issues with the plaster at any point!


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