We manufacture Bloccs waterproof cast and dressing protectors for arms and legs from our factory near Bristol and export them worldwide. As a team, we were very proud to win our first Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category in 2016 and were thrilled to win again in 2019 for our overseas sales.

Bloccs are made by our family-run company, Precision Dippings Manufacturing, which has been in business for over fifty years. We used our expertise in making watertight rubber seals to develop them and are delighted with the feedback we get on a regular basis from customers whose holidays and daily routines have been saved by the covers’ effectiveness in keeping casts and dressings watertight. They are re-usable, easy to put on and wearing them lets you swim, bathe and shower normally. They are also available on prescription in the UK.

We care deeply about the quality of our products and it’s that attention to detail which has seen Bloccs become a market leader in cast and dressing protection on a global scale. Thank you for your interest in our range – keeping your casts and dressings safely covered and dry is what we’re all about.

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